Which Cleaning System Is Right for Your New York Apartment Floor?

Which Cleaning System Is Right for Your New York Apartment Floor?Carpet floors are actually among the most flexible flooring alternatives, as they offer various hues and patterns to choose from. The majority of quality carpets are quite durable and resistant to stains and the negative effects of moisture.

However, carpets are also among the most susceptible to getting visibly dirty. If you have carpet flooring, the way you clean it will depend on how dirty it is. The following are some guidelines that will help you keep a spotless home.

The Regular Clean

Carpets must be cleaned regularly to prevent allergies and respiratory issues. That’s why you should make it a point to vacuum your carpet often. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Clear your floors of any small items that can get stuck in the vacuum or damage it—including items that might have landed under your furniture.
  1. Dust the areas above the carpet, including your furniture, curtains, and tables, so that the dust that reaches the floor can be vacuumed.
  1. When you start vacuuming the entire room, move in a back-and-forth direction and then vacuum horizontally to ascertain all areas are covered.
  1. Then, use the smaller nozzle attachment to vacuum hard-to-reach corners, as well as spaces beneath your furniture.

You should repeat this process at least once a week. If you have pets, you might have to vacuum more than that, depending on the number of pets you own.

Getting Rid of Pesky Spots

When a spot appears, the quicker you clean it, the less prone it is to persisting. There are different stain removers you can make at home. For recent stains, begin by blotting them. Be sure to use a white cloth or a plain paper cloth to assure that dye isn’t moved to your carpet.

Then, you can choose the type of cleaner you’d like to use, whether chemical or homemade. When using chemical cleaners, you should always check the label to make sure if it is suitable to use on your carpet fabric.

Whichever cleaning product you choose to use, make sure to test it on a small discreet portion of your carpet before tackling the stain. This will help you determine whether the cleaner is suitable for use on the carpet, without compromising its composition.

When cleaning stains, you should use a small amount of the cleaning product and dab it on to avoid causing more damage. Just use a clean cloth or towel to blot the area, without adding water so that it won’t sink in.

Deep-Cleaning Methods

Sometimes, your carpet will need a more thorough clean, which is where steam cleaning comes in. You should first remove all your furniture pieces and cover the legs of the bulkier pieces to protect them from getting damaged by the process.

Before passing the steam vacuum to shampoo your carpet, be sure to have gotten rid of any carpet stains, since the cleaning process can set spots deep within the fibers. When adding the water and detergent in the vacuum, make sure to add just enough without overdoing it, and then start vacuuming while wearing just socks—stay away from dirty shoes.

The vacuum should be equipped with a mechanism that’ll speed up the drying process. You should leave the room ventilated and keep it clear of furniture or traffic until the carpet is dry.

Call for Reinforcement

Sometimes you might not have time or energy to clean your carpet. The good news is, 1st Class Cleaning can do the work for you. For more information about our quality services, give us a call today.

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