Where Should You Focus When Cleaning for the Holidays?

When preparing for the holidays you want to have everything glittering as brightly as the days themselves demand. An inviting atmosphere speaks of the care and pride you take in your home, as well as the respect you have for your guests as they help you celebrate.

There many areas to focus on when cleaning for the holidays. An organized preparation will help you to accomplish all the necessary tasks for getting your house ready to receive friends and family, without creating undue stress.

Probably the most fundamental element in your preparation is a pen and paper. Making a to-do list is paramount in keeping you on target as you work to check off every notation. Another list is a to-buy list, which will enable you to have all the right and necessary tools for every cleaning necessity.

The first thing you might want to do is to check your cleaning supplies. This might be the right time to toss out all of your old stuff, especially the toxic formulas and those old bottles with coagulating liquid at the bottom that you’ve conveniently forgotten. Replacing all of these with natural products will ensure that your home is as organically fresh as possible, which is something you and your guests will notice immediately via those lovely smells permeating each room. Some fundamental cleaning supplies include baking soda and white vinegar, which make excellent potions for cleaning a myriad of surfaces, without having to break the bank on expensive solutions. Add some natural potpourri mixes and scented candles to your shopping list. These details will come in handy when you are entertaining, as they add not only a lovely scent to your space, but also create the perfect holiday ambiance.

Next you want to make sure you have all the necessary packaging materials for those inevitable leftovers after the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years feasts. Check on your stash of plastic wrap, wax paper, and foil, and while you’re at it, clean out the drawers that house these rolls. For sure there are stray crumbs and bits and pieces of unwanted debris that have clustered in the corners. A little bit of vinegar and water squeezed out of a sponge that you swipe around the inside will do the trick.

Check out your Tupperware supply, or whatever type of containers you use for leftovers. Make sure everything is well organized, meaning that all the lids are easy to identify for every size holder. You don’t want to be fussing around looking for the right thing when clean up time comes around, especially if you’re packing food away for your guests to take home.

All of your clean-up supplies should be ready and waiting for you after the party. This means towels, sponges and the like. Throw away anything that looks old and frayed and get yourself new ones. If you want to recycle your sponges, throw them in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning and they’ll be good to go once again. All of your kitchen towels should be clean and folded, awaiting you like little soldiers ready for action.

Getting back to leftovers. Make sure your fridge is ready to receive them by tossing out anything you haven’t used in a while. Create space and make sure that space is as clean as a whistle to receive all those uneaten goodies that you’ll so enjoy nibbling on after the festivities are over.

Of course you don’t need to be told that all of your dishes and glassware should be shining. Pay special attention to your wine and champagne glasses. Put them in the dishwasher or wash them by hand to ensure that they look as inviting as they should for the delicious ablutions you will be sharing with your friends and family.

Your cutlery should be as radiant as can be. Polish your silver and organize it all, again making sure that your drawers are crumb free. Check to see that all of your serving utensils gleam as they await their own star turn.

If you keep your spices and dried herbs in bottles, make sure they are fresh and filled. The same goes for your salt and pepper shakers, vinegar and oil bottles, and any other condiment container that you will be using on the table. Bring out your best materials to help celebrate the day.

Staying in the kitchen for one more minute, you want to make sure that all of the surfaces there are clean and free of clutter so that cooking and serving is easy. The more that you can tuck away, the better, as you will need as much of an expanse as possible for bowls, pans, and the like. As you use things and no longer need them, try to wash and dry them immediately and then put them away. You don’t want dirty pans or dishes piling up, especially as you prepare one course after another. The moment your dishwasher is full, run it so that it is free for the next load.

It goes without saying that your home should be dusted and vacuumed from top to bottom. Get into every crevice, especially around your ceilings. Lay down an old sheet underneath your overhead fans as you clean the blades with a special duster. Polish your floors until they glisten, using fresh smelling organic cleaners and waxes. Pay attention to all ducts and filters in the house, replacing what you must so that there are no allergens in the air. If you have a fireplace, get rid of any leftover ash, organize your wood, and make sure there is a neat pile of newspapers and several boxes of matches at the ready.

Make sure that your guest rooms are especially radiant if you are expecting friends to stay over for the holidays. Scent the sheets with a lavender rinse during your wash cycle to add an extra thoughtful touch.

All of your bathrooms should be impeccable. Get rid of any grit or grime using a solution made with vinegar and baking soda. Polish all your chrome with toothpaste to lift up its brilliance, including all drains. Make sure your guest bathroom is free of personal items and only filled with the things your visitors will need, such as fresh hand towels, a new bar of soap or liquid soap, air freshener, and several rolls of toilet paper.

Clean all of your appliances and electronics. Leave no stone unturned. And by the way, even if your list seems interminable, you will be grateful you accomplished everything when the moment of truth arrives!  To make it all easier, do your cleaning to some music that inspires you. This way it won’t feel like a chore!

If you have an extra closet that is easily accessible, clean it out to make room for your guests’ coats. This is a good time to get rid of what you don’t need. Contribute your old coats, blankets, etcetera to the many drives that go on during the holidays.

Most likely the weather could bring some mud and water, so make sure you have trays for wet boots and shoes at your entranceway. If you don’t want your guests to track in muck from the outside, buy a bunch of inexpensive slippers that they can slip on. Something colorful and toasty can add to comfort as well as the holiday fun.

Make sure your walkways are free of ice by sprinkling kitty litter on them. If you live in an apartment, keep the entrance to your abode clean and inviting. If you have a car and are picking people up at the train station, make sure your vehicle is spic and span, including the trunk area. This is a good introduction to what your guests will expect when they enter your home.

With your vases clean and waiting for fresh flowers, your ornaments freshly wiped and dusted, you should be quite ready for the season. If you are putting up a tree for Christmas and use an artificial model, give it a light spray in the bathtub and then let it air dry to look like new.

Last, but not least, perhaps the most important thing to focus on when cleaning for the holidays is a clear mind. Eliminate all the debris and clutter here so that you can concentrate on celebrating and spreading love and joy. The guests will feel and be inspired by your blissful energy.

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