What Type of Cleaner Are You?

What Type of Cleaner Are You?After cleaning so many homes in the NYC area, we’ve come to recognize a few different types of cleaners. Discover your cleaning personality now!

The Binger

You simply don’t have time to keep up with daily or even weekly cleaning. But when you do get some time, or simply can’t stand the mess, you spend a whole day (or weekend) cleaning every last bit of your home. It’s deep cleaning on an epically fast scale.

The Maker

You have no problems cleaning up after yourself, but you refuse to get your hands dirty cleaning messes you didn’t make. You nag your spouse and haggle with your kids until they do it.

The Faker

The only time you give your home a really good clean is when you know you have guests coming over. You take the time to clean the shower, vacuum under the couch, light candles in the bathroom and put out your good throw pillows to give the appearance that your home is always this pristine.

The Tripper

You only clean when the mess actually becomes a tripping hazard. You probably have more than one kid. Or maybe a tornado that you affectionately call “spouse.” Or maybe just a really small apartment—like a closet. Either way, you don’t have as much time or room to clean as you’d like and only pick things up when you’re falling over them.

The Hoarder

You have trouble throwing things away and are running out places to store all the important keepsakes you’ve collected. The things you keep have a special meaning, just not a special place.

The Waiter

You believe there are more important things in life than a clean home. Whether you enjoy someone’s company for an extra hour or like to go to bed on time, when you have the choice to enjoy what you’re doing or tackle the dirty dishes that were piled in the sink after dinner, you’ll say “it can wait.” But you are responsible and will generally get everything ship-shape the next morning. Or when you come home from work.

The Squeezer

You really value a clean home but don’t always have time to dedicate to daily cleaning chores. With such a hectic schedule, you squeeze in what you can when you can. You’re the person cleaning the bathroom after you put the roast in the oven. Then, listening to your favorite podcast while you obliterate dust bunnies. You do your best, but you often feel overwhelmed.

The Schmoozer

You don’t like looking at a mess, but you don’t really like cleaning either. So instead of actually cleaning, you dump your mess into a neat little drawer, cabinet or closet where it will remain hidden for the next five or so years. “Hey, I was wondering where that went” and “I thought I lost this forever” are things you’ll say about every five years.

The Overachiever

Your family calls you anal, but you just can’t function in a messy home. You’re the kind of person who can’t go to bed if there’s a single crumb on the kitchen counter. You vacuum religiously every single day. Your bed gets made every morning. Even your kitchen cabinets are organized and easily accessible. How do you do it?

The Outsourcer

You’re wise beyond your years. Instead of fighting your family or yourself to keep your home clean, you’ve realized that letting someone outside the home do your cleaning keeps the peace and lets you live like an Overachiever without working like one.

1st Class Cleaning is a NYC-based cleaning company that offers green cleaning services to residents and offices throughout the area. Never worry about what kind of cleaner you are again. Contact us today for service and pricing information.

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