What to Know About Cleaning/Changing Your Air Conditioner Filter

What to Know About Cleaning/Changing Your Air Conditioner FilterThe cleanliness of your air conditioner filter greatly affects the overall quality of air circulated throughout your home. Air conditioner units work by taking in the air from your home to cool it before blowing it out again. The cleaner the air filter is, the cleaner the air in your home will be.

However, if you have an unclean filter, your energy bill is more likely to go up, since your AC system will have to use up more energy to blow clean and cool air out.  As a rule of thumb, you should be cleaning your air conditioner’s air filter about once a month to get rid of the hindering grime for fresher air.

A Fast and Easy Clean

 Air filters are actually pretty easy to clean. Just start by making sure that your filter is washable—most of them are, but you should still double check. Then, just remove the filter carefully and place it in the sink to thoroughly click here
rinse it. If you need a larger area, you could opt for washing it in the tub, instead.

Use dishwashing detergent with water to rinse the filter out, and use a soft brush to remove any leftover dirt that might still be stuck. Then you can let the air filter air dry. Once it’s dry, vacuum or dust the filter to remove any extra dust and assure an efficient clean. When you’re done with washing and drying the air filter, return it into place as instructed.

Replacing Your Air Filter

 While regularly cleaning your air filter can keep the energy bills down, it’s most practical to change your filter every three months for optimal results. If you don’t consistently change your air conditioner filter, dirty filters can damage the AC’s compressors.

For filters that aren’t washable, you should ideally change them every month. Be sure to always use a high quality filter for your unit. So how can you tell which air filter is of great quality?

  • You should first check your air filter’s size, which is generally located on a label inside of the air filter. If you can’t find the label for any reason, you can just measure its area and choose an air filter with measurements that are close enough to the ones you measured.
  • Start by checking for the air filter’s MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value), which usually ranges from 1-12. The higher the filter’s MERV number is, the better the filtration will be. Keep in mind that even though the number is higher, it doesn’t mean your energy costs will be lower. Pushing out clean air through the best filtration will mostly require more energy usage, which will result in higher bills for better air quality. Check action ac.
  • Once you carefully remove the old air filter, clean the filter area. Before setting the new filter in place, check for the airflow arrows on the filter’s frame to know which direction to install it in. Make sure the filter is properly fitted to prevent air leaks. You can even add tape or cloth around the filter to stop air from escaping from around the frame.

Having Clean Air Around Your Home All the Time

In cleaning and changing your air filter on a regular basis, you’re more likely to have cleaner and cooler air with less dust and allergens flowing around your home. You can keep more than just the air of your home clean with the help of the cleaning professionals from 1st Class Cleaning.

Having a clean home also translates into maintaining clean air in your surroundings. Contact 1st Class Cleaning today for more information about our services and how we can help keep your home spotless throughout the year.


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