What to Know About Ammonia Based Cleaning Products and Your Children

The Best Child-Safe Cleaning Products and Their UsesDid you know that the use of ammonia-based cleaning products can be highly detrimental to the health of your children? Even though this chemical lands among being the most widely used chemical products in the US, it’s still associated with many negative attributes.

Why Can Ammonia Be So Dangerous for Your Kids?

Not only does ammonia possess a negative odor, but it’s also known to potentially be a major health threat if exposed to in large quantities. The potency of ammonia can cause everything from skin irritation to more severe skin and lung issues.

When ammonia is mixed with other chemical products, it can actually be really toxic, especially for children. So when it comes to cleaning products, this is especially the case when ammonia is blended with bleach. That chemical mixture eventually results in a poisonous gas.

In addition to possibly burning the skin, ammonia can even deteriorate mucous membranes. Since children put virtually no restraint on what they can swallow, whether it’s sand or even soap, if they were to swallow ammonia, they can easily get poisoned.

Moreover, when ammonia is released into the air, chemical particles mix with the atmosphere’s nitrate particles, ultimately creating a combination that will adhere to anything click here
from a home’s carpet to curtains or any other area. Children who have asthma will fall under the highest risk of getting harmed because of their sensitivity. Need emergency cash check out here doctorpaydayloans.co.uk, offer help to your emergency finances.

How Are Children Exposed to Ammonia?

As mentioned, children can swallow cleaning products, which can critically damage a child’s mouth down to their stomach. Eventually, this will lead to poisoning. When a child inhales ammonia instead, it’s also destructive as it can cause instant nose and mouth burn.

Inhaling ammonia in higher concentrations will namely cause respiratory tract damage as well as damage to the throat. In extreme cases, this can even lead to the entire destruction of a child’s airway. When inhaled in a lower quantity, ammonia is more likely to cause nose and throat irritation along with coughing symptoms.

Considering the fact that children’s short height leaves a shorter distance between them and the ground, kids can take ammonia in much more quickly as ammonia vapor is more commonly found on the floor. When a child’s eyes and skin are exposed to ammonia, they can be severely burned, with long-term damage. This permanent damage can be in the form of a loss of eyesight, which may take up to a week after exposure to be noticed. Get all help for medical expenses at simpletradesman.co.uk.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Kids Safe?

The best way to keep your children as well as yourself and entire household secure from the negative effects of ammonia-based cleaning products is by using eco-friendly products, instead. Organic products will not only help you maintain a healthy environment, but they’ll also help keep your home spotless since they’re highly effective cleaners.

The skilled professionals at 1st Class Cleaning only use the highest quality eco-friendly cleaning products in the industry to ensure an efficient clean. For more information about how we can help you create a safe and sanitary household environment, contact us today.

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