What do your cleaning habits say about you?

Cleaning Services RidgewoodIt is true. Your exterior life does reflect your interior life. How you live is an absolute expression of your state of mind, which may remain constant, or change on a daily basis.

Most of us are fairly constant in how we approach what life brings. Some of us are perfectionists, needing to maintain a perfect order at every moment, which can often create overwhelming pressure and judgement. Some of us are procrastinators, finding every reason in the book to put off whatever we can until a convenient moment that may never arrive. Some of us say, “if you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist,” pushing the dust under the bed in just the same way that it is easy to turn a blind eye to the news of the day.

Everything we think, every attitude we have about ourselves, every gesture and movement we make, is a metaphor for how we relate to the world. If you want to understand more about the people around you, just observe how they keep their homes. If you want a bit more insight into your own psyche, ask yourself what your cleaning habits say about you!

Do you do your housework every day? Once a week? Once a month? Do you make your bed everyday, or leave it until you’re ready to wash the sheets? Do you do your wash during the week or wait until there’s nothing left to wear? Do you keep up with the dishes, or let them pile up in the sink until you realize that no one is going to do them if you don’t?

If someone were to walk into your home unannounced, what would they find? A home in chaos, with clutter everywhere? A space that has a relaxed, lived-in feel? Or an abode where everything is spotless and in place?

Generally a cluttered home means a cluttered mental space, and if it doesn’t feel this way, the more the clutter piles up, the more it will! The longer it takes to put away the mess, the more overwhelmed we become. And somewhere, even if it’s only in the back of our minds, the knowledge that we have to clean up tugs at us until it becomes a nuisance we can’t ignore. A cluttered space is a kind of lack of control that will ultimately overwhelm us by leaving no area for repose, neither physically nor mentally.

On the other end of the spectrum, an organized home is a reflection of an organized mind. One’s state of affairs is in order, allowing you to be more creative, more freethinking. When there is space around us, there is space within us. You recognize this every time you clean… that fresh, new feeling that comes with clearing away the debris.

What you do on a daily basis in effect defines you. Our habits are indicative of our natures. But habits can be changed, and as they change, so will our natures change from disheveled and random, to something more honed and clear. Take a look at your present cleaning habits and you’ll gain great insight into how you are approaching everything that comes your way in life.

Slight changes in habit can make a huge difference in your personal universe, and will positively affect everyone around you. By simply making a decision to take care of things in your home the moment they need attention, you will see a huge change in your ability to handle everything else in the same manner.

This doesn’t mean you have to vacuum or do the laundry or wash the windows every day. It means tending to the little things that can easily be completed, like making your bed after you rise, doing the dishes after you eat, putting the papers away after they’re read, hanging up your clothes when you take them off.

You don’t have to be a dogmatic perfectionist to keep your home in a healthy state. Just by changing a few habits, so much more falls into place. When you do things as they come up, you don’t have to think about them anymore for that day. When you designate a day to do the things that can wait, make sure that is the day they’re done. And if you can’t on that day because something else has come up, don’t be hard on yourself! But do make sure you do it the next day, or a day that is as close as possible to the day you’ve chosen.

Certain things need to be done on a weekly basis so they don’t pile up and clutter up your mental space. Make a list of what these tasks should be, such as doing a load of wash, mopping the kitchen floor, and vacuuming each room. What can be done on a monthly basis?  Washing the windows? Organizing your closets? Cleaning the ducts and filters to keep your heating and air-conditioning more efficient?

Once you have successfully created a habitual way of cleaning, you don’t have to think about it anymore. These daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly cleaning habits are a great way of taking care of yourself in the same way that you brush your teeth every day and make sure to have a physical check up every year.

Organizing your home is an excellent way to maintain clarity in your life. When you find places for things, instead of putting them somewhere at random, you create a system that makes it easy to find things when you need them. When you develop the habit of hanging your keys on that hook by the door, keeping your bills organized in that cubby area designated just for them, and keeping your cleaning supplies organized under the sink, you’ll find it so much easier to enjoy the ritual of maintaining this kind of order.

Change your cleaning habits and you will change much more. “As above, so below,” as the Elizabethans said… and today we can say, as without, so within. For ideas about keeping your home clean and organized, contact us anytime at: http://www.1stclasscleaningnyc.com/contact

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