What Cleaning Products Should You Use to Protect your HDTV

What Cleaning Products Should You Use to Protect your HDTVHave you ever sat down in your living room or bedroom, only to find dust particles and smudges on the screen of your flat screen? Your answer is probably yes, and more often than not.

TVs are among the last areas to get cleaned in any household. That’s probably because we subconsciously think that it’s an electronic device that seldom gets dirtied since we don’t come in contact with it as much as we do with its remote, for instance.

However, just like any other item that sits, whether on a stand or a wall mount, TVs need a good clean now and then. The following tips will help you trump your dust aversion and enjoy a clean HDTV to watch your favorite shows or movies on.

How to Get a Spotless HDTV

There are so many different ways to clean a screen, but it’s crucial to use methods that won’t scratch it, while keeping it streak-free. You should first turn your TV off, so as to avoid damage, and you’ll be able to see the dust and residue more easily.

If your TV doesn’t come with a cleaning cloth, you can start off by using a dry microfiber cloth.

  • Gently wipe the screen down with the dry cloth and see if the smudges come off.
  • If any stains are still there, then just pour a drop of laundry detergent in a cup of warm water to create a soft solution.
  • Get another dry cloth and dip it in the solution to wipe the display once more. Be sure not to press down on the screen too hard.
  • Next, rinse the cloth in clean water to remove the soap. Be sure to always squeeze the wet cloth before bringing it towards the screen.
  • Once you wring out the clean cloth, wipe the screen another time to remove any soap from it.
  • Then use the dry cloth to wipe the screen again; it’ll help to remove any streaks.

When you’re done, take a look at your screen again to check for any residue. If you find leftover dust or grime, you can repeat the steps above. Lastly, just clean the screen’s frame with a dry microfiber cloth.

You might prefer to use a more natural cleaning method, in which case you can substitute the laundry soap with vinegar. Just create an equal parts vinegar and water solution, instead, to dip the microfiber cloth in. If you do use the water-vinegar method, be sure to rub the spots gently and avoid splattering or spraying the solution across the screen as it can cause permanent damage.

Contact 1st Class Cleaning

You can even use the above cleaning methods on your laptop and computer screens, too. At 1st Class Cleaning, our cleaning professionals never miss a corner thanks to using the most efficient cleaning processes and products in the market.

We can help keep your HDTV secure from improper cleaning methods that can cause scratches and long-term damage. Contact 1st Class Cleaning today to learn more about our quality cleaning services.

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