What Carpet Cleaning Can Do That Vacuuming Can’t

How to Vacuum Faster and More EfficientlySo you just dropped some cookie crumbs on your living room carpet—and maybe a few other food particles you might not have noticed as you were glued to your favorite TV series. So what’s the first thing you grabbed to clean up the mess? Well, the vacuum, of course!

One smooth run over your carpet and it looks like it’s as good as new. But what if we told you that vacuuming alone isn’t always as effective as you think? Although vacuuming may seem like it’s a heap load more convenient than carpet cleaning, you might want to think again for the following reasons.

Easily Remove Carpet Stains

When you end up dropping more than just crumbs on your carpet, a stain can be extra hard to remove with just vacuuming alone. A vacuum will mostly come in handy after you’ve applied a stain remover. For instance, japanese 4boys.net, if you drop wine or pen ink on your carpet, you will most likely apply a powder solution to remove the stain(s), followed by vacuuming to remove the residue.

With carpet cleaning, you’ll easily be able to see results and eliminate the wait time or probability of having a persistent stain. Whether it’s an oil stain or stubborn food stain, carpet cleaning offers a deeper, more efficient cleanse.

Lift Dust from Beneath Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning is more intense than vacuuming alone. The former is not only meant to remove stains, but it also prevents dirt or dust from building up in/on your carpet. This does wonders for those who have allergies.

Generally speaking, indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air, especially when the proper cleaning methods aren’t implemented. Applying steam is the only way to properly remove dust from deep within a carpet. Vacuuming will just leave the dust to develop within the carpet’s fibers, which will eventually break down those fibers.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Even though it’s recommended to steam your carpets, rather than just vacuuming, the key is to have this done by professionals at least every 16 months or so. If you own pets, this should be done about every 6 months.

The machines of expert cleaners are much more potent and equipped to remove steam moisture from your carpet. However, you should still vacuum your carpet on a weekly basis to remove dust particles on the surface. The slower you vacuum, the better, since you’ll be able to capture more dust from below the carpet, too.

Call for Back-up

You might be an amazing cleaner and never let a week go by without vacuuming, but that’s not always enough. Save your time and energy by leaving it to the experts that can get the job done faster and more efficiently, for a germ-free home.

At 1st Class Cleaning, we promote living a green lifestyle, which is why we use organic green cleaning solutions mixed with a 100% organic allergy treatment. We can therefore neutralize the air quality of your home or office by eliminating the allergens and dust mites living in your carpet.

If you would like to request a quote or further inquire about our services, contact 1st Class Cleaning today!

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