Upholstery Cleaning NYC

Furniture is something that many people view as art.  The way that people compile and position furniture in their home is normally based on practical use, function and design.  People don’t normally place dining room tables in bedrooms or beds in living rooms.  Since furniture is inextricably linked to personal style, it is not surprising that people often select furniture that is upholstered.  Some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture are upholstered.  This means that it is covered in fabric or leather.  Upholstered furniture normally requires padding, springs, buttons, staples and zippers.  These materials are important, but not as important as the covering material.  Normally, furniture makers opt to use fabrics that are sturdy, depending on the type of furniture it is.  Not just for couches and chairs, upholstery is great for headboards and other kinds of indoor and outdoor furniture too.

Common upholstery fabrics include linen, suede, hemp, cotton and leather.  These materials can make a piece of furniture look soft, elegant, bold, durable and edgy.  The fabric is a crucial aspect of the furniture construction and upholstery process.  Fabric that is upholstered improperly can spoil the appearance of a piece of furniture.

Because of the nature of most upholstered furniture, there is a high possibility of damage and wear and tear.  Seating that is upholstered is especially vulnerable to becoming soiled.  The more times that someone sits on a chair or leans their head on a headboard, the greater the chances of the upholstery fabric getting stained.  Stained upholstery takes away from the attractiveness of a space and can cause your home to poorly represent you.

To combat dirty upholstery you need to maintain it.  Cleaning up, particularly after a spill, is the best way to maintain upholstery.  Different upholstery fabrics require varied cleaning methods and products for effectiveness.  You can’t clean linen using the same techniques that you would use to clean leather.  If you do so, you run the risk of damaging the fabric forever, and ruining a potentially expensive piece of furniture.

You may not be aware of the special products and methods that are needed to clean your particular kind of furniture so hiring a cleaning service could be the best solution for you.  It is possible that you don’t have the time or energy to clean your home or office furniture.  Don’t feel bad, because most people don’t have the time that it really takes to keep a home and business looking its best.  To take some of the burden off your shoulders, you can enlist the help of a cleaning service that knows how to keep furniture looking presentable.

1st Class Cleaning offers upholstery cleaning services for people with many different schedules and lifestyles.  Their excellent service has been provided to the NYC community for many years.  Their reputation of service in their industry makes them standout from the other cleaning service companies in the area.  Visit www.1stclasscleaning.com for more information on how to get your upholstered furniture looking brand new.

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