Traditional Cleaning Methods That Still Work

Technology is ever evolving and improving our lives. As we are given new ways of getting things done, some of the old ways are forgotten. However, there are some things we learned from our parents that are still highly effective. Here are a few traditional cleaning tricks that are still worth remembering.

The Feather Duster Never Goes Out of Style

The beauty of a feather duster is that it picks up dust from irregular shapes and holds it. It only takes a few minutes to use, and you can easily dust an entire room with it. Start at the tallest surfaces and work your way down. After cleaning an area, take it outside and give it a good shake to release the dust to the great outdoors. It’s affordable, effective and some even say it’s fun.

Don’t Get Distracted

You could easily lose yourself while cleaning, and that can be a problem if you’re on a busy schedule. Pull out a kitchen timer and set it for however much time you have to clean. You won’t lose hours of your day, and you’ll stay focused on the task at hand. You’ll also be more willing to clean when you know that you only have to do it for a few minutes.

Wipe it Down After a Shower

The best way to avoid soap scum and mold after a shower is to quickly dry your tub and walls with a towel. Your tub will shine, and you won’t have to scrub through a heavy layer of scum when it’s time to clean the bathroom. It also helps keep your house ready for company, so you can feel good about letting unexpected guests use the restroom.

The Stair Basket

If you live in a two-story home, then you may not want to make a dozen trips up and down the stairs with miscellaneous items. Simplify your life by keeping a basket at the foot of the stairs. As you find items that belong on the other floor, you can put them in the basket. When you head upstairs, take the basket with you to put everything away.

Baking Soda for Odors

Baking soda has been a staple in households for decades. It’s power for removing odors has never faded, and it can help your home smell fresh and clean. Put an open box in the fridge to absorb those odors. Drop some down the garbage disposal to remove the smell of rotting food. Sprinkle it over the carpet before vacuuming to keep the room smelling fresh. It’s affordable, effective and it eliminates odors rather than masking them.

These traditional cleaning methods worked for your grandmother, and you can put them to work in your house now. They are as useful and effective today as they were fifty years ago, and they’ll continue to work for future generations. It’s important to remember that cleaning services have been around even longer than these great cleaning methods. When you don’t have time to clean, or you just don’t care for cleaning, a quality service like 1st Class Cleaning of New York can provide you with the help you need. Visit them today at to learn more about their customizable cleaning services and how they can help you.

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