Time to Move? Tips for Leaving your NYC Apartment in Tip Top Shape

Time to Move Tips for Leaving your NYC Apartment in Tip Top ShapeWhether your lease is up or you’re selling or renting out your apartment any time soon, you should do your best to leave it in the best condition possible. You can start by deep cleaning different rooms and fixtures around your home with these easy tips.

Tidy up and Inspect

 The more organized your home is, the easier it’ll be to pack your things. Return everything to its designated location and start with checking off your packing list. You should have different labeled boxes for things you want to keep, give away, or toss.

Once you’re done packing everything into boxes and your movers arrive to move your belongings, check the apartment for anything you might have forgotten. This is where a list of inventory would help track what’s to stay in the apartment. If your apartment must remain furnished:

  • Organize the furniture and use a vacuum to clean under the sofas and upholstery.
  • If you have curtains, you should check for any stains. Follow the care instructions to effectively wash all curtains.
  • Dust the blinds and all surfaces, including shelves, wooden cocktail tables and vanity mirror tops.

Clean Household Appliances

 Next up, scrub appliances to look like new. Tackle each area individually:

  • Kitchen
  • Once your fridge is emptied, use soap and water to clean all the shelves and rinse the drawers/removable compartments before returning them to their respective places.
  • Clean the oven using the self-clean setting if it has one. If it doesn’t, try using a strong oven cleaner.
  • Add a cup of white distilled vinegar in the dishwasher container and run an empty load with warm water.

Remove all removable parts from the dishwasher and microwave and wash. Wipe down the exterior of appliances and cabinet doors to remove all fingerprints and marks.

  • Bathroom
  • Scrub your bathroom tiles to remove any grime or mildew. Use an all-purpose brush and cleaner; be sure to use bleach for discolored areas.
  • Polish all steel faucets to return them to a sparkling state.
  • Deep clean the sink, toilet and bathtub using baking soda and/or water and white vinegar.
  • Wash shower curtains by spraying them with all-purpose cleaner or toss them in the wash. If stains persist, replace them with new ones.

Refresh Walls, Lighting and Windows

No matter what you’re taking with you, you should check for any wall marks that might have been left and scrub them off with soap and water. For more stubborn marks, consider repainting the walls.

You should also makes sure to take down all your personal wall art and close any nail holes in the walls. Touch up any areas that need a splash of paint after assuring that the paint color you use is a match. Then, adjust any items that show heavy signs of wear and tear.

Check for any burnt out light bulbs and replace them. That will actually make a big difference when a light switch is flipped when showing the apartment to potential buyers or tenants.

Last, but not least, clean all windows the best you can. If you’re on a higher floor, clean the inside parts of the windows using a 2:1 ratio of water and vinegar. Be sure to target the windowsills and grates, too.

Final Touches

Once you’re done cleaning all areas of the apartment, clean the floors and carpets using fragranced cleaners to assure a fresh scent. Then, if necessary, remove your name from the mailbox. Have all keys ready for the landlord or new residents, and you’re all set!

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