The Quickest Way to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Season Reunions

The Quickest Way to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Season ReunionsThe holidays are packed with fun-filled vacations, family reunions, and festivities to last beyond the New Year. But with all the amusement comes the responsibility to welcome your guests into a clean and tidy home.

If you have an extremely busy schedule, you must be thinking about how you can possibly find the time to get everything ready while keeping your home organized. Not to worry! Here are some easy tips that’ll help you enjoy the celebrations as much as your guests will.

Confirm the Event

Prepare and send out your invitations at least two months before the date of the holiday reunion party, and include an RSVP contact card to get a proper count of who’ll be attending.

Once you’ve counted how many loved ones are attending, check how many days they’ll be visiting for and who’ll be staying at your home. If any are staying over your place, you’ll have to organize the sleeping arrangements. You might want to use your guest bedroom, living room sofa bed, or another bedroom (having some members switch rooms).

If your home is missing any amenities your guests will need during their stay, you can jot them down and shop early. Don’t forget to make a list of presents, as well. Rather than running into the crazy crowds at the mall, start ordering as many gifts as possible, online.

Save time on giftwrapping by ordering the items with gift-wrap. If it’s easier, create a gift-wrap station at your home, too. Wrap the gifts as you get them so as to avoid having to deal with them at the last minute.

Delegate Tasks  

Creating a to-do list is never outdated, especially if you’re hosting a family reunion in your home. You can create a list of preparations each guest will be in charge of:

  1. Menu Planning- Ask each guest to be in charge of a certain dish to have everything from the appetizers to desserts ready. Visit If you need an extra cooking station or more resources, you can even arrange for getting a caterer or just grabbing extra utensils.
  1. Entertainment Ideas- Some family members can be in charge of decorations and party favors, while others can plan games such as outdoor sports or snowman-building competitions, and pile up the required tools. You might even want to prepare a playroom for kids to play in.
  1. Memory Keeping- Seeing as how a reunion usually occurs on occasion, it would be wise to have as many cameras as possible available and ready to film the event. All guests can help with this task, and you might even want to ask a talented photographer to take some shots.
  1. Cleaning Day- As fun as holiday events are, they are not void of messes. Efficiently cleaning a large mess requires a few helping hands so don’t be shy to get help from your guests.

Ask Santa for an Extra Hand or Two

Nothing’s better than enjoying an extra clean home before, during, and after the holiday festivities. Save the hassle for you and your guests by hiring a professional cleaning service to take care of cleaning the messes.

The professionals at 1st Class Cleaning have been helping New Yorkers throw the best holiday parties for years now. Thanks to our efficient cleaning strategies and tools, 1st Class Cleaning can help you be ready for any reunion. Call us today for more information on how we can get your home set for any celebration.

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