The Most Harmful Cleaning Products: What You Should Be Avoiding

The Most Harmful Cleaning Products - What You Should Be AvoidingSome of the most dangerous products on the market are lurking right inside your own cleaning closet. Products that create dangerous fumes, burn your passageways and can damage your eyes are certainly worth avoiding. Most people are so accustomed to using these products that they don’t even realize there is another option available. Here are just a few of the cleaners you should avoid as you make a switch to green products that are safe for the environment and your family.

Simplify the Glass Cleaner

You can make glass cleaner at home with some basic ingredients, or you can look for Method products that use all-natural ingredients. What you want to avoid is anything with dithylene glycol. This chemical is shown to depress the nervous system. It’s commonly found in automotive antifreeze, hydraulic brake fluids and other solvents. Particulates can be breathed in when the window is sprayed. In addition to harming the nervous system, it also damages the heart and kidneys.

Choose Natural Air Fresheners

Look for room freshening candles and sprays that don’t use formaldehyde. This chemical is colorless, but it has a distinct odor. It sneaks into your home through new furniture and fixtures, but it’s also coming in with your air fresheners. It’s believed to cause cancer, so look for more natural ways to freshen the air and keep as much formaldehyde out of the home as possible.

Careful with the Chlorine

There are some times when you want a little chlorine in the home. It’s in the drinking water, and it’s great as bleach to make your whites shine. However, you don’t want too much of a good thing. In fact, chlorine was once a key component of chemical warfare because it’s so corrosive. It’s the number one cause of breast cancer, and it’s found in an astonishing number of cleaners. Even if you cannot bring yourself to stop using a little bleach on the whites, you may want to look for other options when it comes to the rest of your home.

Clean Hardwood the Natural Way

Another culprit that might surprise you is furniture polish. Many polishes are loaded with petroleum distillates. These are highly flammable and can actually cause skin and lung cancer. The good news is that they’re completely unnecessary. Natural lemon or almond oil both work wonders at cleaning, polishing and protecting wood. They also smell better.

Time for a New Oven Cleaner

By far, one of the most dangerous chemicals lurking on your shelves is the oven cleaner. It’s true that you want a sparkling oven, but do you want to endanger the entire family with fumes? When you have to send the kids out to play and don a mask before you use a cleaner, you know it’s filled with lethal ingredients. Oven cleaner has lye and ammonia that can burn your skin and eat through it. However, you can clean the oven just as effectively with baking soda, water and a little patience.

While all of these tips will protect your family from harmful chemicals, you may decide that the safest option of all is to let someone else do the dirty work. The team at 1st Class Cleaning is happy to take care of your toughest cleaning chores so that you can get all of these toxins out of your home. The best part is that we’ll even use green cleaners that won’t leave a dangerous residue behind. Contact us today to learn more about the Method products we use and schedule your service.

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