The Most Efficient Way to Organize Your Laundry

There are many chores that can become quite laborious and exhaustive if not done properly and efficiently. Washing and drying laundry can be an unpleasant task without a detailed plan of how to organize the garments during each step of the process. The steps before and after the wash is done are equally as important for the integrity of the clothes and for the amount of time it takes to get the job done. Below are a few ways to organize laundry throughout the process.

Separate Whites and Colors

The most basic form of laundry organization prior to beginning a wash cycle is to separate by whites and colors. By separating the two types of garments, a color bleeding incident can be prevented that can damage white clothes or a bleach accident that can ruin colored clothes can be avoided. Also, the different types of clothing may require different temperatures and detergents so while separating them, it is easier to organize and ensure each garment gets the right kind of washing.

Separate Dark and Light Colors

Once the colors and whites are separated, a further distinction can be made to ensure that no colors can be allowed to compromise the look of another piece. Separating loads between dark colors, such as blacks and denim, from other colors, such as pale pinks and sky blues, can keep each color true to its form. Organizing these loads separately can prevent a colorful situation from getting out of control after a wash cycle.

Group By Extra Attention Needed

Among all types of color separations there are singular pieces that need specific attention. For example, a stuck-in stain may need some soaking before being put to wash while delicates may need a hand wash before being dried in a drier. Providing each garment that needs extra care the attention it requires can ensure clothing will look its best when worn.

Group Those Needing Ironing

After a load has been washed and dried, some of it may require a quick pass over with the iron to get rid of stubborn wrinkles. Separating clothes by which need to be ironed and which can be put away can help organize the extent to which a full load of laundry will take to be done. This will also prevent an item from being put away with unsightly wrinkles so that you can choose what you want to wear and not have to worry about your appearance.

Group By Type

When the washing, pre-treating, and drying have been completed, the last step to organizing a load of laundry is sorting it all by what needs to be folded, hung up, or simply thrown into a drawer. By separating each type of garment into one of these piles, it will be easier to put it all in its rightful place in no time, without having to go back and forth between closets, chests, and drawers. Each pile can be worked on at once and less time can be spent putting it all away.

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