The Most Common Appliances People Forget to Clean

The Most Common Appliances People Forget to CleanYou’ve scrubbed the kitchen and everything is sparkling, yet you have this nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something. The fact is that you probably have. There are several appliances in the home that are woefully neglected and ignored on cleaning day. Here are just a few of the appliances that need a little extra treatment the next time you clean.

The Interior of the Dishwasher and Hard Water

This machine has soap and water running through it on a regular basis, so you don’t think to clean it. However, it still needs attention. The interior shell should be wiped down occasionally for hard water build-up. The lines can be cleaned by running the machine with a quarter-cup of vinegar instead of soap. Finally, take the time to wipe down the gaskets and edges with some soap and water.

Fabric Softener Dispenser and the Soft Build-up

If you have a machine with a fabric softener dispenser in the middle, you might want to consider cleaning the underside of this cup. The fabric softener leaves a residue along the cup that turns filmy and sticky. Take the container out of the spindle regularly and run it under cool water to rinse off the residue and keep the washing machine clean.

The Coffee Pot and Old Stains

You run the pot through the dishwasher daily, but have you looked at the water dispenser? As water percolates through the system and drops into the carafe, it leaves a residue of coffee around the filter holder. On some coffee machines, the entire housing can be washed. On others, it has to be wiped down with a rag. In order to make sure the machine is free of hard water build-up, run vinegar through the machine to clean the lines.

Freshen the Garbage Disposal

When was the last time you cleaned the garbage disposal? Yes, it can be cleaned, and it’s not nearly as hard as you think. When you clean the sink, use the sponge or rag to go around the rubber ring and gasket in the sink drain. Go under the rubber as well as over it. Drop ice cubes down the disposal while it’s running to clean the blades and eliminate odors. If you have a persistent smell, a little baking soda will go a long way. You can also drop lemon or orange peels in the disposal to improve the smell.

The Dryer Vent and Lint

If your dryer isn’t working as well as normal, clean the vent before you go to the appliance store. Use a shop vacuum to reach into the lint trap and the vent. If possible, go to the exterior of the home and also clean the vent at the exit point. With this exhaust clean, your dryer will run more effectively.

Whenever you use a small appliance, you should take the time to clean the shell. The area below appliances also tends to collect dust and dirt, so that should be cleaned frequently. With these appliances, take the time to clean the interior as well as the shells. If you don’t want to take the time to scrub the appliances yourself, then contact us today so we can take care of this tedious but important chore.

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