The Lazy Person’s Guide to a Clean Apartment

the lazy person's guide to a clean apartmentYou love having a clean apartment, but you don’t like cleaning. Some people love to dust and polish, others just cannot rest while the place is dirty. Still others, like you, just want to find an easier way to get through these necessary chores. There are some clever hacks you can use to keep your apartment looking clean so that your friends will never suspect that you’re just a little on the lazy side.

Ditch the Stuff

The first and most important step is to purge and then purge some more. The less clutter you have, the cleaner your place will look. You’ll have less to dust, so it’ll be quick and easy when you do find time to wipe off shelves. An added bonus is that your tiny New York apartment will start to look bigger.

The Quick Swipe

You run the exhaust fan in the shower, but there’s still a film of moisture on the mirror, commode and counter when you finish. Make good use of this free cleaning material. Keep a stack of clean, white cloths somewhere in your bathroom. When you get out of the shower, wipe the condensation off the mirror, vanity, toilet and any shelves. It won’t disinfect the bathroom, but it does keep the dust away so the room at least looks clean.

Discover the Miracle of Wipes

Parents around the nation know that baby wipes are good for more than babies. They’re great for a quick clean-up before a meal and for cleaning the house. You can go with generic baby wipes to save money or buy the cleaning wipes from Lysol. Use these for most kitchen counters, cabinets and even the floor of your tiny little apartment. Fold them over as you work to get more cleaning power out of them, and then toss them in the trash when you’re finished.

Lose the Broom

Say farewell to the broom and invest in a vacuum that’s good for hard floors and carpets. Better yet, get a little robot that will do the sweeping for you. The cool thing about robotic vacuum cleaners is that they can slip under beds and couches to clean those forgotten areas that you tend to avoid. You can even get robotic mops so that you’ll never stick to the kitchen floor again.

Get the “Stuff” Drawer

Every house has that mystery stuff and junk that doesn’t quite belong anywhere. This is where the junk drawer comes into play. Give yourself permission to stash the stuff where it cannot be seen, but you can still find it later. You’ll have to clean out that junk drawer as it fills up, but it’s a worth it to keep the counters and top of your dressers clean.

Of course, the best solution for the lazy person is to just hire a maid service. Imagine the joy of showering in a sparkling bathroom that you didn’t have to clean. Picture yourself coming home from work and the vacuuming is done, your lovely collections are dusted and the windows are shined. It’s utopia for those who love a clean house but hate the process. At 1st Class Cleaning, we’ll even tackle the junk drawer to make sure it’s organized. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the fantastic results. Don’t be too lazy to contact us about our services!

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