The Health Risks of a Dirty Bathroom

The Health Risks of a Dirty BathroomExperts continually reassure us that public toilet seats aren’t as dangerous as people might think. However, the flip side is that your bathroom at home could be harboring hidden dangers you never considered. The fact is that a dirty bathroom is a health hazard, but it’s not as closely tied to the toilet seat as you might think.

Shared Towels Spread Disease

Stop for a moment and think about what you dry off with the towel. Do you really want to use a towel that someone else just dried off with? Yet that’s exactly what many families do. Used towels will always have bacteria on them, and they can also carry viruses if someone in the family is sick. Allow a towel that’s wet to air-dry one too many times and it will start to mildew. Establish a separate hook or rod for everyone’s towel, and wash them more frequently.

The Unhealthiest Place in the Restroom

If you’re thinking the commode is the grossest place in the room, think again. Frighteningly enough, research finds that the showerhead is actually the dirtiest place in the bathroom simply because it never gets cleaned. They’re covered with pathogens that thrive in the warm, dark, wet environment. Clean the showerhead regularly by filling a bag with vinegar and wrapping it around the showerhead. Protect yourself in between cleanings by letting the water run for a minute before you get in.

Check Every Flat Surface

There are a host of disease that are spread by fecal matter, including typhoid fever, E. coli, giardia and rotovirus. You’re confident that this won’t happen in your home because your kids wash their hands after they use the bathroom, but are they putting the seat cover down when the flush? Every time the toilet is flushed, it sends a microscopic spray of water into the air and throughout the room. This fecal-contaminated spray comes to rest on everything in the immediate area. Even worse, the bacteria can manage to linger in the air for up to two hours. This leaves the contamination on faucets, counters, doorknobs and even your toothbrush, if it’s not stored properly. In addition to proper cleaning methods, you should also get everyone in the family to put the lid down before they flush.

Get the Room Dry

It doesn’t matter if your dry your bathroom by wiping off every surface after a shower, running the exhaust or just opening the door right away for better ventilation. However, it’s vital that you do take the time to dry this room. Otherwise, mold will start to grow and spread. Mold poses its own health risks, and the spores can spread to other areas of the home. When you get out of the shower, leave the door or curtain open for a few minutes to dry the space, and make sure the fan is run or door opened to dry the main room.

You like to think that your bathroom is as spotless as it looks, but this may not be the case. The dirtier a bathroom becomes, the more likely it is to harbor bacteria, dangerous germs and residual fecal matter. If you want to be confident that your bathroom is as clean as possible, 1st Class Cleaning can help. Contact us online or by calling (800) 309-7881 to schedule a one time appointment or to set a schedule for regular cleanings. However, it will be up to you to follow these tips in between visits to keep your family safe from a dirty powder room.


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