The Best Way to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

The Best Way to Clean Stainless Steel AppliancesStainless steel gives your kitchen a sleek finish, but can quickly lose its luster if its not well taken care of. You may look at your fridge, dishwasher, or stove and think, “Stainless, my Aunt Fanny!” Fingerprints, water stains, dried on gook…sometimes you wonder why you bothered purchasing anything stainless steel in the first place.

And while many people claim the “best” way to clean your stainless steel appliances is with harsh chemicals, you have children and pets to think about – not to mention your own personal health. Do you really want to add insult to injury using chemical cleaners? Of course not!

So what really is the best way to clean your stainless steel appliances and restore their showroom luster?

Gather Your Supplies

Chances are you already have all these things around your house. You’ll need some soft, clean, non-abrasive cleaning cloths. You can use paper towels, but they can sometimes leave lint behind. You’ll also need a bit of dish soap and baby oil or other mineral oil. And of course, your two good hands!

Look at the Grain

Just like wood, your stainless steel appliances also have a grain on the surface. It looks like little lines either going left to right or up and down. One sheet of steel will always have the same grain. Just be aware that the grain on your fridge door may not go in the same direction as the one on the handle.

Now, going against the grain won’t damage your appliance, but it will force more cleaner between the striations of the grain, which may mix with any grime that’s already there and leave it looking less shiny. And we want maximum shininess!

Start with Dish Soap

Apply a small bit of dish soap to one of your cleaning cloths and run it briefly under the tap. You don’t want to soak the cloth, just dampen it. Wipe the cloth along the grain of your appliance. You may need to scrub a bit on especially stubborn fingerprints or gook, but just make sure you scrub with the grain.

Once you’ve got over the entire appliance, grab a clean, dry cloth and wipe up any stray water (going in the direction of the grain, of course!)

Polish that Baby Up!

And no, we don’t mean the two year old in her playpen. Put a small (very small! think miserly!) dab of baby or mineral oil on a clean, dry cloth. Following the grain of your steel, wipe your appliance with the oil to polish the steel and really give it that extra showroom shine!

Your “Stainless” Steel is Actually Stainless

That’s it! Now you can get to mopping that floor and organizing those cabinets and dealing with the laundry in the hamper and the toys on the floor… or you can take baby out of her playpen and go for a nice stroll through the neighborhood and think about what you’ll make for dinner in your sparkling kitchen.

Can’t Be Bothered?

If you’re not interested in cleaning or polishing your stainless steel, don’t feign it! Just give 1st Class Cleaning a call and ask us about our cleaning services and pricing. We’re an affordable, professional cleaning company that serves the greater New York City area. We can even do the organizing for you!

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