The Best Construction Cleaning Crew in NYC

The Best Construction Cleaning Crew in NYCThe Best Construction Cleaning Crew in NYC

Making major changes to your home can be extremely exciting. Whether you are expanding the living space with a full addition or updating the kitchen with new cabinets, it’s thrilling to watch your home start going through such impressive changes. However, the dust that comes along with home improvements is another matter entirely. Drifting through your home and settling into the crevices, it’s nearly impossible to clean and remove. Luckily, you won’t have to try getting it out of your house alone. We are happy to help you.

Wood, Sheetrock and Paint

It doesn’t matter if you have your wood floors refinished, invest in a fresh coat of paint or have a room added, construction projects produce an incredible amount of dust. Some projects, like refinishing hardwood floors and finishing sheetrock, produce more dust than others. However, all construction projects will leave quite a bit of dust lingering in the air. While reputable contractors will take steps to minimize the dust and clean up the area, you will still find yourself living with more dust than normal. When you trust a professional team to come in and remove the dust, your home will once again be clean and fresh, so you can actually start enjoying the new renovations.

Construction Dust and the HVAC System

Your own HVAC system makes the dust situation in your home even worse. A circulating system, it moves air throughout the home at a steady rate. Entering every room in one area and being pulled across the space to the return vents, it will pick up dust and particulates from the air and move them into the ducts. Some of the debris will gather along the sides of your ducts, and some will be captured in the filter. However, a great deal more will be sent back through the air supply vents. This effectively spreads the dust from one room throughout your entire home, so you will not have any safe haven from the dusty residue.

Prolonging the Misery

In addition to presenting an ongoing cleaning problem, this stubborn dust can also start to aggravate your allergies. The dust sitting in your heating and cooling ducts can be picked up by moving air and put back into your home weeks later, so you will find yourself battling the problem for weeks or even months to come. Dust is also kicked into tight areas along baseboards, in window tracks and along crevices where it’s difficult for you to clean with standard home cleaning equipment.

The Right Equipment

Most homeowners don’t have the right equipment to collect the microdust and ensure that the home is truly clean. Most contractors don’t invest in the high-power, high-quality equipment that is truly needed. Our professional cleaning team has made this investment to ensure that your home is truly clean when we are finished removing the dust and construction remnants. We use HEPA vacuums with high-quality filters, and we take the time to clean every surface, crevice, nook and cranny to ensure that your home is clean, fresh and ready for use.

The Little Details

Contractors leave all stickers in place on new fixtures. They want you to know if the windows have special coatings and that the faucets are high quality brand names you can trust. Removing the tags is your responsibility, and it can be tedious. Do you really have the time to sit there and carefully remove every last bit of the tag? Do you want to scrub the fixture and polish it to remove the adhesive? With our services, you won’t have to. We take the time to handle little details, including removing labels from new fixtures, vacuuming the window tracks, and wiping down light fixtures.

Clean from Top to Bottom

Contractors are busy focusing on installing your new cabinets and installing the hardware, so they may not notice a little sawdust on the interior of your drawers and cabinets. We move through the area methodically and scrub all the surfaces, so you can be confident that you will not encounter dirty cabinets, dingy bathroom fixtures, or even dust on the tops of your new outlet covers.

We polish the new fixtures, wipe down the walls, and polish all woodwork. Tops of doors, molding and trim are cleaned and dusted, and we even clean the window and door tracks. Porcelain surfaces are polished, and the carpets will be carefully vacuumed to remove all of the construction dust. When we are finished, you can trust that your home will truly be clean and free of dust.

Protection for the Future

The dust in your air vents doesn’t have to cause you misery in the future. Trust our team to clean out the vents and ensure that the dust is removed from these hidden areas. This is a vital step in cleaning your home, and it ensures that you will not have to deal with dust moving throughout your home or bothering your allergies weeks after the construction has been completed.

Dry Steaming Technology

We are passionate about making sure your home is truly clean, and that’s why we use dry steaming technology. We can use this technology to clean every crevice throughout the home and ensure that dust is blasted out from below baseboards, along crevices and other hidden areas. Rather than worrying about dust migrating out at a later time and causing problems, you can be confident that your entire home is clean and free of dust.

Sparkling Windows

The contractors may not have touched your windows when renovating the kitchen, but the dust has left a film on them. It’s hard to enjoy your beautiful new cabinets when the light streaming in is muted. We polish windows and mirrors to move more light through the home and ensure that your property looks amazing. When you invest in new construction projects, you want to ensure that you can actually see all the beautiful new fixtures and your marvelous new living space.

Private and Commercial Services

We focus on providing customers with the highest quality cleaning services. We work directly with homeowners, and we also work with businesses and commercial customers. While we are happy to come out and clean your custom home after it is built or scrub the property after you have a remodeling project done, we are also happy to work directly with contractors.

When you are providing customers with custom homes or quality home renovations, you want them to be impressed with the finished product. This means cleaning the space to ensure that it’s ready for them to enjoy their new and improved property. When you want to make the best impression on your customers, trust our construction clean up crew to prepare and clean the home. We will give it the white glove service to ensure that your customers are pleased with your work.

Whether you want to make sure your home is clean after a construction project or you want to ensure that your customers are thrilled with your contracting services, you can trust us to clean up the construction area. We will scrub the home from top to bottom, shine windows, remove tags and ensure that all nooks and crannies are cleaned. Allow us to make the space clean and ready for use. Visit 1st Class Cleaning today to learn more about our construction services and make an appointment to have your newly renovated space cleaned.

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