The Best Cleaning Products for Respiratory Problems

The harsh chemicals in many cleaners can irritate airways and leave you gasping for breath. Warnings to use a cleaner in a well-ventilated space or indications that the chemical will burn skin or eyes are all indications that it will irritate your mouth and lungs. If you already have asthma or other breathing problems, then you should avoid these cleaners. Fortunately, there are quality cleaners available to help you freshen your home without feeling like you are choking.

Safely Scrub the Oven

Spills in the oven get baked into place and can become impossible to remove. Traditional cleaners will dissolve most of this baked-on food, but it can also make it hard for you to breath. Consider a home-made recipe to clean the oven without creating any dangerous fumes. Simply mix four tablespoons of baking soda, one tablespoon of kosher or sea salt and some warm water. The mixture can then be used to scrub the oven and remove the obnoxious crust without dangerous odors.

Almond Oil to Nourish Wood Furniture

Aerosol sprays can leave you tasting the cleaner and gagging on the odor. You love how your wood tables look when they are shining and clean, but the traditional cleaners aren’t friendly to the environment or your lungs. Method offers a wood cleaner based on almond oil that’s non-toxic and highly effective. It smells so good that you might want to start baking a cake, and it works so well that you’ll extend the time on the five-second rule.

Embrace Natural Cleaning Products

Lemon, vinegar and baking soda are all useful for a variety of cleaning chores. Add vinegar to remove the smell of mildew from towels in the washer, and you can also mix a little with water to clean the windows. Baking soda is an effective odor remover that won’t leave the home with a heavy artificial scent. Mixed with vinegar or backing soda, lemon will help you clean pots and pans for a beautiful shine.

Clean Windows that are Minty Fresh

Window cleaners are notorious for having an unpleasant smell, and the overspray can easily be inhaled. Avoid the miserable smell and leave the streaks behind by investing in Mint Window Wash from Method. This glass cleaner removes smudges, dirt and streaks from your window without any unpleasant odors. The scent is minty, and you will be thrilled with how clean your windows will be.

Clean the Bathroom Without Bleach

Most bathroom cleaners are proud to have bleach as one of their ingredients. However, you don’t have to risk your lungs and deal with the fumes when you choose bathroom cleaner offered by the brilliant minds at Method. These cleaners won’t leave a residue behind, and the biodegradable formula is highly effective at removing soap scum and even hard water stains.

If you already have respiratory problems, then you need to be very careful about the cleaning products you use. If you prefer to have your home cleaned with traditional cleaners, then you might want to consider having the professionals handle the cleaning chores. With their experience and safety equipment, they can clean your home without being harmed by the fumes. 1st Class Cleaning of New York is proud to offer green cleaning products as an alternative. If you don’t have time to do the cleaning, you can let them take care of it for you. With the use of Method products, you will arrive home to a house that looks and smells fantastic. Visit them today at to learn more about their customizable cleaning services.

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