The Best Cleaning Company for Small Lofts in NY

The Best Cleaning Company for Small Lofts in NYThe Best Cleaning Company for Small Lofts in NY


A loft can be a gateway to happiness in a city like New York. With a steady job to pay the bills and a set of goals to light your way, you’re living the dream in the big city. You walk the streets with poise and hit the bars with swagger; your life has direction, your demeanor is cool, and nothing attracts the opposite sex like confidence.


It’s the end of the night, and you’ve found that special someone; sparks are flying, and you can feel the connection growing. It’s time to grab a cab, and there’s only one question: your place, or theirs?




Nothing can ruin the mood at the end of the night like a pile of dirty laundry, and sadly, your place is full of it. Gym clothes, work clothes, pajamas; your loft has a distinct smell of sweat, and that doesn’t even include the trash. Hope your visitor doesn’t want to use the bathroom, because that toilet hasn’t seen a scrub brush since YouTube was invented.


There’s no reason the state of your apartment should affect your late night activities; you don’t want dating potential to be spoiled by your mess, but who has time to clean? With a full time career and a part time on the side to pay off your loans, it’s all you can do to actually cook dinner when you get home. Working is exhausting, and weekends are for relaxation.


Free Your Mind


New York is a busy city with a million things to do, and there’s no sense in wasting your down time on washing your dishes. A cleaning service can be the answer to all your problems; since your mother is no longer available to clean up your mess, you need to find someone else to fill that void. It’s time to leave your cleaning up to the professionals.


A cleaning service will not only guarantee your late night rendezvous are stress free, but will alleviate a large load from your day to day life. Having a clean loft will give you a greater sense of freedom, removing an obligation from your already cluttered life. It may cost a nominal fee, but the minor cost is offset by the peace of mind it creates, allowing you to focus on more important things.


We Fly High


When it comes to cleaning lofts in the Big Apple, few companies compare to 1st Class Cleaning. Our top notch cleaning services have kept our customers happy for years, and will provide the same peace of mind to you and your lofty aspirations. Whether your loft is the length of a football field or the size of a closet, our experienced staff will tend to every corner of your pad.


Not only are our services the right choice for your needs, they are the right choice for the environment. At 1st Class Cleaning, we use products that are hard on dirt, soft on nature. You won’t have to worry about chemical residue with our eco-friendly Method® products, allowing you and your visitors to breathe easy, no matter what the activity. To ensure your loft is as clean and fresh as you, log onto today!

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