The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning: Why You Should Let Us Clean Your NYC Office


The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Why You Should Let Us Clean Your NYC Office

People spend 40 hours or more in the office each week. And while every individual has a setting they are most productive in, a clean office is a nearly universal factor. You have enough to fill the hours you spend in the office without adding a whole other job. Professional office cleaning takes care of the little-but-important tasks so you can focus on the work you’re meant to be doing.

Your Employees Will Feel Valued

Asking someone to break away from the work they’re doing to do menial janitorial tasks make them feel like you don’t value the work that they’re doing. We can do the dirty work so you and your employees have time to focus on the important stuff that will grow your company.

You’ll Save Time and Money

If you hire a janitorial team, you’ll have to pay their wages and offer benefits that can cut into your bottom line. We offer our staff competitive wages, benefits and bonuses while setting affordable prices that are scaled to the cleaning tasks you need done. And with the rest of your employees focused on their work, you’ll have more time and resources to do the tasks that matter to your business.

You’ll See Fewer Sick Days

A healthy office environment is an important part of productivity. Sick employees can’t work to their full potential and will often call out so they don’t infect others. We’ll clean and disinfect all the surfaces in your office so sickness isn’t able to spread. Our staff is trained in proper sanitation practices and will keep your office clean and germ free so everyone can stay healthy and productive.

You’ll Make Better First Impressions

A clean and orderly space makes people feel welcome. Whether it’s subconscious or noticeable, a clean environment feels hospitable and affect how people perceive your business. So yes, you can vacuum the carpets and wipe down counters, but do you have time to polish fixtures and remove cobwebs? Scrub toilets and dust? Probably not. We never fear the white glove treatment and can ensure that you always make a great first impression.

Communal Areas Won’t Go Uncleaned

While you can trust your employees to keep their personal areas neat and clean, it may be difficult to get them to clean the lobby, bathrooms, break rooms, meeting rooms and cafeteria. Even if they are willing, they likely won’t do the thorough job we would. We’ll move through your office methodically to ensure that no area is forgotten and that the unpleasant but necessary tasks, like cleaning the toilets, actually gets done.

Why 1st Class Cleaning?

Unlike other companies that just vacuum and dust, we dust and disinfect all horizontal surfaces as well as computer monitors, keyboards, phones, printers, fax machines and all points of contact. We give all glass surfaces a smudge and streak-free shine. We’ll remove trash from every bin and recycle for you. Restrooms and common areas will get the attention they deserve.

We only use Green Seal approved cleaning products for a healthier, environmentally friendly clean. We follow LEED guidelines and use HEPA vacuums to keep allergens to a minimum. We believe in taking care of our clients and our planet, which is why creating a healthy environment is part of our cleaning program.

We offer day, overnight and weekend services to accommodate your schedule. We can also accommodate any special requests you may have and are available for 24-hour emergency service.

If you’d like to see what a difference our commercial cleaning services can make in your NYC office, contact us today!

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