The Average Cost of Residential Cleaning Services in NY

The Average Cost of Residential Cleaning Services in NYThe cost of residential cleaning services varies greatly depending on a host of factors. It’s important to understand what drives the cost up, and what steps you can take to make the service more affordable. Here’s what you should know about the cost of residential cleaning in the greater New York City area.


It Depends on the Amount of Work Requested

The estimate all starts with the amount of work requested. Cleaning the living room, bathrooms and kitchen will naturally be more affordable than cleaning the entire house, including the laundry room, bedrooms, and closets.

Look at the Fine Print and See What’s Included

Some companies offer cut-rate pricing, but they achieve these remarkably low rates by having the client provide the cleaning supplies. This can turn into a significant expense that drastically raises the overall cost. When comparing offers, always read the fine print to see what’s included and find out if there are any hidden fees. Ideally, you should work with a company that has no hidden fees and brings all of their own supplies.

Customize and Prioritize to Fit Your Budget

Cleaning packages make hiring the professionals more affordable, but you want to choose packages that you can alter to suit your needs. This allows you to prioritize the work based on what you don’t enjoy doing or don’t have time to do. You can get the most difficult chores handled, allowing you to still enjoy more of your free time while saving money on the service.

Consider Your Liability Issues

The cost of a cleaning service can go through the roof if a cleaner is injured while in your home and decides to take you to court. It’s not about whether you’d win or not. Simply having to deal with a lawsuit is stressful and costly. It’s vital that you work with companies that are licensed, insured, and bonded. These companies are taking the liability onto themselves, so you won’t have to worry about this particular cost.

The Greater Cost of Clean

When reviewing the contract price for cleaning services, consider the cost of not having a clean home. With more allergens in the air and around the home, you’re more likely to have allergy and health problems. You may not have the time or energy to clean, but it’s still important for your health to have a clean environment. You also don’t want to use dangerous cleaning chemicals that leave fumes or residues that are dangerous to you, your pets and children. These toxic cleaners can be more dangerous than the dirt and allergens, so you should look for a company that offers green cleaning products. Some companies offer lower prices by using these chemicals, but you have to consider the danger they pose to your family. It may be worth the small extra fee to work with a company that uses green cleaners.The cost of residential cleaning services depends on many factors. How much work you need done, how large the area to be cleaned is, and who will provide the supplies all figure into the overall cost. While it may cost you a little more to work with a company that uses green cleaning supplies, brings their own equipment and is fully bonded, it’s worth the slight price difference for the quality work and peace of mind.

If you’re considering calling in the professionals for cleaning services, then call 1st Class Cleaning for your customized cleaning quote based on your needs and goals.

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