Test Your Bathroom’s Cleanliness

Test Your Bathroom's CleanlinessTest Your Bathroom’s Cleanliness

Have you ever looked at your bathroom and wondered how clean it really is? The mirror may be clean and the sink may not have dust around the faucet, but is the bathroom really free of germs and bacteria? The bad news is that it’s probably dirtier than you think. The good news is that you can take steps to correct that.

The Toilet Seat Challenge

Women have been screaming about putting the toilet seat down since the days of the outhouse. However, even the ladies in the house don’t put down both of the toilet lids when they flush, and that’s a problem.

When you flush the toilet, the water spray sends particulates up into the air to drift around the bathroom. Those particulates land on your sink, the handles, your clothes and even your toothbrush.

What’s in those droplets? Bacteria, fecal matter and viruses fill the spray, including salmonella, norovirus and hepatitis A. If you want your bathroom to be cleaner, get in the habit of lowering both the toilet seat AND the lid before you flush.

Check the Corners

You wipe down the tub regularly and scrub the toilet weekly, but what about the corners? The crevice under your commode can be teeming with bacteria, and the little hard-to-reach corners may be dusty and dingy.

When cleaning the bathroom, it’s important to pay attention to details. Wipe down the tops of doorframes, handles, light switches and in those hard to reach corners. This is particularly important if you’re just now starting to flush the toilet with the lid down.

Can Those Stains Come Out?

Even brand new homes can have stained tubs and walls, especially if you have fiberglass. You may not worry about them too much because they’re stains, but there is hope for removing the marks.

You can use a paste of baking soda and water to address most stains. Bleach-based cleaners are also effective for eliminating the stains and leaving your bathtub sparkling.

Getting the tub clean will make the entire room feel cleaner, so don’t neglect this important area. If you have stains in the caulk, then the fastest solution may be to pull out the old caulk and replace it with fresh, clean caulk.

Remember the Showerhead

This is one of those forgotten areas that’s filled with nice little germs. Rather than letting them wash down all over your body, take the time to clean the shower head using a white vinegar soak. Simply pour the vinegar into a bag, place the bag over the showerhead and tie it into place. Let it soak overnight, and your shower nozzle will be clean and free of germs in the morning.

Even if your bathroom looks clean, it may not be as fresh and inviting as you think. Germs are invisible, and bacteria can be present even after you wipe down the shower. If you want to make sure your bathroom is truly clean, then trust the team at 1st Class Cleaning. We’ll scrub it for you, clear out the germs and even give you tips on keeping it clean in between visits.

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