Take Care of Your Health by Opting for Green Products

One of the biggest concerns when cleaning and sanitizing the home is the effect on humans and their pets. Many of the commercial cleaners available at the supermarket are filled with harmful chemicals, intended to make the job of loosening dirt and disinfecting the surface easier. However, medical studies have concluded that the toxins contained in most of the popular soaps, surfactants, and degreasers are detrimental to human health.

Not only do these products contain substances that can affect the respiratory system, they cause allergic reactions in humans and animals. Many of the complex compounds found in cleaning agents also find their way into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. They are stored in fat cells as well as cells in the liver and other organs. Recently, alternative cleaning products manufactured without toxic compounds and containing organically derived ingredients have become popular with consumers because they keep the indoor environment safer. Green products are used exclusively by many of the well-known maid services and commercial janitorial contractors.

Going Green Is Smart

When choosing soaps, cleansers, carpet cleaners and disinfectants for the home, remember that many of the popular products on the market leave residues on surfaces or release airborne particulates that can be inhaled by humans or pets. Lingering residues build up over time, eventually making their way into the human body through inhalation or skin absorption. This can lead to serious medical problems, especially for those already suffering from allergies or who have respiratory problems.

Green products eliminate these concerns because:

•    They contain no artificially manufactured chemicals
•    They leave no toxic residues on surfaces or in the air
•    The organic compounds they contain do not affect people with allergies
•    They do not introduce harsh chemicals into the wastewater system

Statistics clearly show a correlation between the use of toxic cleaning agents and the increased risk of lung disease, cancer, and emphysema. Homeowners and apartment dwellers who use green cleaning products do not expose themselves to these toxins, nor do they have to worry about using a solvent to remove harsh residues from countertops, floors, windows or walls.

Careful studies involving the use of certain organic compounds in laboratory tests have shown that people with allergies are not affected when natural ingredients are used. This means that any lingering particulates in the air or on the floors have no detrimental effect on humans or pets.

Best of all, the use of these natural cleaning agents does not put an added strain on the wastewater system. Unfortunately, many of the commercial cleansers used today contain chemicals that cannot be properly treated at the wastewater plant, resulting in the introduction of these contaminants into the oceans. Green products eliminate this problem because they are broken down completely when the wastewater is treated.

Choosing A Housecleaning Service

Before contracting with a maid service or janitorial contractor, find out whether the company uses non-toxic cleaners, spot removers, and disinfectants. The home will be a far safer, healthier environment for its occupants if organically derived, green cleaning products are used. Strangely, good health is not something that happens naturally. Rather, smart use of cleaning products is essential for minimizing or eliminating the risk of toxins entering the body.

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