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Window Cleaning Services New York

It is the bane of many businesses in New York – dirty and streaked windows. Many store fronts suffer from windows under siege of dirt and grime from cars, taxis and the city itself, while larger buildings suffer from the stains of weather. Dirty windows speak of a poorly run business. They are difficult to see through, a poor way to display goods and give a business an air of dirtiness. They are also difficult to clean properly. Luckily, the window cleaning services New York businesses offer are the ideal solution.

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Window Cleaning Services in Queens

Window cleaning in Queens may be a little less daunting than it would be in Manhattan, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult! In Queens, window washers will mostly have to deal with the windows of private homes, mom and pop stores and apartment buildings that rarely rise above fifteen floors. No matter the size of the job, 1st Class Cleaning is as committed to doing as amazing a job cleaning the windows of a home in Astoria as they would the windows of the Empire State Building.

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Cleaning Services Astoria NY

Good cleaning starts with good people. 1st Class Cleaning is an organization dedicated to providing professional cleaning service to the good people of the five boroughs, Cleaning Services Astoriaincluding Astoria in Queens. From the East River to 50th street, we will offer you a full range of cleaning services whether you live in a simple studio or have luxurious work offices, all performed by hard working individual trained in a variety of special services. Along with our specialized staff, we also provide out own supplies, equipment and tools, in addition to General Liability Insurance and Workman’s Compensation in order to protect the homes and offices of our clients.

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Janitorial Office Cleaning

Most people think that being a janitor is not a big deal—pick up a broom, push it back and forth a bit, and that’s it. That’s not really the case—there is far more than that to janitorial office cleaning.

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Office Cleaning Service New York

Enhance the professional appearance of your business today. If you are ready for a spotless office, call us today for a consultation and free estimate to determine your exact needs with a price that will fit your budget. You can count on 1stClassCleaningNYC to provide the service you need with our satisfaction guarantee.

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Maid Services in New York

If you stop to think about just how much time and effort goes into cleaning your home or apartment, you may very well be stupefied. From taking out the garbage to dusting, properly cleaning a home takes hours of our valuable time each week. Whether you are a busy professional who finds themselves away from home much of the week or even a stay at home mom overwhelmed by some of the bigger cleaning tasks you face, maid services in New York maybe the answer you are looking for.

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Green Window Cleaning Service

Getting your windows professionally cleaned – whether for a business or a home – can really let the light in, keep things looking nice both inside and out, and reduce the number of streaks that always seem to show up no matter how hard you try to really get those windows good and clean. The only downside to cleaning windows (other than the work involved or the money involved to pay someone else to do the work) is the chemical cleaners that are used. Some people are very sensitive to these chemicals, and they can cough or sneeze a lot while windows are being cleaned.

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