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Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Services for NYC Residents

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Services for NYC ResidentsNo one likes cleaning. We get that. And with life in the Big Apple being what it is, most people simply don’t have the time to keep up with cleaning chores. But that’s what we’re here for.

Free Time Shouldn’t Be Spent Cleaning

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Event Cleaning Services for 477 Broadway Lofts in NYC (4th Floor)

Are you planning a large event? The lofts at 4Event Cleaning Services for 477 Broadway Lofts in NYC (4th Floor)77 Broadway are rented out for short-term use for parties, films and photo shoots. The space is flooded with natural light throughout the day, and they come partially furnished for your gathering. Whether you are planning a wedding reception or a holiday party, the lofts provide you with all the space you need to entertain large gatherings. If you decide to rent the lofts for your next big party or celebration, let us help you by cleaning them before and after the party.

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Post Construction Commercial Cleaning

Like it or not, construction can be messy. Few home or business owners want to deal with the aftermath of a building project. As such, they turn to post construction commercial cleaning operators to deal with this. They are the experts and have the experience in this kind of job. With small jobs, it may be possible to tackle it yourself, but some tasks are simply too big to handle. For anyone who decides to do it themselves, there are essential pieces of equipment that could minimize the risk of injury.

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Spring Cleaning Rockaway Park NY

spring cleaning rockaway parkAs the snow and ice of winter slowly begins to melt and temperatures rise, people around Rockaway Park will begin the annual spring-cleaning process. Keeping your home, apartment or business shut tightly during the winter keeps the place warm, but makes it hard to clear out dust. Most people also stop cleaning as vigorously during the cold months because holiday celebrations take up most of their time. 1st Class Cleaning is here to help you start this spring with a fresh and clean environment. There are five main benefits we can offer you with our professional cleaning services.

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Cleaning Services Bronx

1st Class Cleaning Services provides services for our clients at rates that are both reasonable and affordable. We are a bonded and licensed company. Furthermore, we guarantee that you will be satisfied.

Services Offered

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Spa Cleaning Service

If you own a spa then you know one of the most important parts of your business is the environment that you maintain for conducting business. Can you imagine walking into a dirty spa facility and expecting to receive excellent service? The cleanliness of a business often transcends the lines in a customer’s mind and they relate the overall appearance of a business to the quality of the services that business provides. After all, you would not want to walk into a restaurant that had garbage lying around. The same is true for any spa business that needs a clean work environment and office space to be able to conduct business well.

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New York Commercial Cleaning

Finding a commercial cleaning company in New York is easy. It’s finding a good New York commercial cleaning company that can pose a challenge. When searching for a commercial provider it’s difficult to rely on word of mouth. That’s where the internet can come in handy.

What to expect

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Apartment Cleaning NYC

An apartment can be one of the most difficult spaces to keep clean; limited floor space can lead to overwhelming clutter over time. Balancing housework with running errands, working, and spending time with family can be quite challenging. If the thought of cleaning is a source of stress for you, consider a professional cleaning service. Whether you need a one-time cleaning service or a housekeeper to maintain your home regularly, First Class Cleaning NYC provides first-rate apartment cleaning in the NYC metro area.

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Choosing the Right Cleaning Company

Having your own house cleaner or maid service might be either necessary or a luxury you’re able to afford for yourself. You might have a very involved job that consumes your days, or you have a family that keeps you so busy you can’t get to all the household tasks yourself. Maybe you can simply afford it, and not that many people actually **want** to do housework.

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Cleaning Services New York

All home and business owners are interested in the value of their property. Some overlook how effective cleaning services New York companies offer can be. Property value and worth is based, in part, on proper cleaning and maintenance of the property. Many businesses turn to cleaning services simply to take care of their offices and some homeowners use cleaning services to remove the headache of cleaning.  A properly selected cleaning service can do much more. It can help you keep your home properly maintained and, in the long run, help ensure the property remains as valuable as possible.

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Commercial Bathroom Sanitation

One of the areas of an office building that sees the most traffic and the most action is the bathroom. Choosing a cleaning company that can help you with commercial bathroom sanitation is important if you are hiring a cleaning company to help you with your office building. Most cleaning companies are more than willing to help with basic office cleaning such as refilling paper products and topping up soap dispensers, but if you want to make sure that your bathrooms are safe, sanitized and healthy, then it would be wise to choose a cleaning services company that is capable of helping you sanitize all your bathroom areas with the appropriate materials and tools.

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Break Area and Refrigerator Odor Control

There is no doubt that if you have a kitchen, kitchenette or break area in your office space, that you probably also end up combating a lot of cleaning issues that have to do with cleaning up the break room and controlling odors in the refrigerator. If this is the case for you, then one of the things that you are going to want to consider is hiring a professional cleaning services company that is capable of providing you with the level of break area and refrigerator odor control and cleaning services that you need in order to keep your company’s break area or kitchen area under control at all times.

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Chores You Should Leave to the Professionals

For many thrifty Americans, the idea of outsourcing chores is a preposterous one! With money so tight these days, pinching every penny helps. However, new research has proven that outsourcing your chores can lead to higher productivity, and even a savings in cash. There are some chores you should just leave to the professionals. Some tasks, like oven cleaning, bleaching, and deep cleaning of grout and tile involve dangerous chemicals, and it is not only safer, but more economically sensible to leave these to trained cleaning services.

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