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Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC

Most of the rugs on the market are machine made in a factory. These rugs are usually comprised of nylon, polyester, wool or polypropylene. The fibers of those materials are generally called pile and they are affixed to a backing. The pile represents the fuzzy or raised part of the fiber. Most rugs have a soft texture because the pile is exposed.

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Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning

Many people that are looking for a home or apartment with carpet, usually prefer carpet that has a light, neutral color.  This is because this kind of carpet will probably match with most types of furniture and wall colors.  Even people that are looking to install carpet in their home or business will choose a carpet color that is light because of the aesthetic and resale value.  Light carpet can make a room feel more bright and airy.  The only potential problem with light colored carpet is that it can lead to problems down the road.

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Manhattan Cleaning Service

Manhattan has a huge range of cleaning services available.  So how do you decide who to hire?  Try answering a few questions to narrow your field.

How often do you need them to come?

  • Seasonal cleanings, like Spring cleaning, occasional window washings, etc.
  • Just once
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