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Property Cleaning Services NYC

Looking for property cleaning services in New York City shouldn’t be an ordeal if the customer knows where to look and how to ask the right questions.

Many people find cleaning services by asking for a recommendation from a friend, neighbor or colleague. Most agencies and even freelancers have websites. Many advertise on TV, radio or other media.

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Green House Cleaning Manhattan

Is saving our earth and preserving the beauty of the planet important for you and your family? Millions of people have taken up the call to live their lifestyle in a more environmentally friendly way. We recycle, we eat healthier and we try to use sustainable products. All these things help reduce our carbon foot print and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow, but there may be one facet of green living that you haven’t yet thought about.

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Event Cleaning NYC

Everyone knows that the biggest hassle with planning an event is setting up and cleaning up.  Instead of enjoying your party, function, dinner or special occasion, you often end up worrying about the preparation and presentation required for the event.  Don’t you wish you could eliminate the tedious part so that you can plan and implement the part of the party that really matters…the fun?

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Office Cleaning Contracts

The benefit of office cleaning contracts is that they allow for a professional cleaning company and an office manager to have an agreement regarding the professional cleaning of the office building. When there is an agreement about the materials, methods and times of cleaning in place, it ensures in writing that the office manager’s needs are going to be met, and that the professional cleaning or janitorial company completely understands what is required of them in order to deliver on their promise to keep up on the cleaning for a building.

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