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New York Commercial Office Cleaning Service

First impressions are everything, and when customers walk into your business they are judging your company from the first step. If the carpets are stained or there is a thick layer of dust on the furniture, that does not reflect well. The immediate impression is that your company is disorganized, and that’s not the impression you want to make. 1st Class Cleaning can keep your office spotless and shining so that customers will base their first impressions on you and your products or services, not the dust on the shelves.

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Office Cleaning Rates

When one person at the office gets sick, it usually doesn’t take long for others to follow. Sometimes illnesses can cycle through an office several times before everyone finally gets better. This can lower employee productivity by causing more employees to take more sick days, or employees who don’t want to lose their jobs might make others sick by working while contagious. Health concerns aside, the office’s cleanliness is also a direct reflection of the company, so even if cleaning costs are a deterrent to hiring a professional cleaning company, this service should be seen as an investment. There are several major concerns that commonly plague business owners’ minds when it comes to office cleaning rates, and 1st Class Cleaning sets out to ease all of them. For many businesses struggling in an uncertain economy, cost is the primary worry; they want to keep a clean office, but they feel that they lack the resources to hire an outside cleaning company.

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Office Cleaning Service New York

Enhance the professional appearance of your business today. If you are ready for a spotless office, call us today for a consultation and free estimate to determine your exact needs with a price that will fit your budget. You can count on 1stClassCleaningNYC to provide the service you need with our satisfaction guarantee.

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