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Maid Services Staten Island, NY

maid services Staten IslandHiring a maid or housekeeper may sound expensive. In reality homeowners usually find the investment will almost pay for itself. Time is not wasted keeping the home neat and sanitary. Cleaning products are provided and homeowners save money by not having to purchase mops, towels, buckets and sponges. At 1st Class Cleaning our goal is to provide customers with 5-star residential and office cleaning services performed by knowledgeable housekeepers. We serve all of Staten Island and can arrange either a one-time or continuous contract covering everything from simple floor waxing to complete home sanitation.

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Maid Service Queens

As a resident of Queens you’ve surely come across quite a few maid services promising to do exactly what you need done precisely how you want it done and in a timely fashion. Frankly, you’ve heard it all before. You hire a maid service, they show up on time (sometimes), they do the job that is required (sometimes), they gain your trust and then somehow or another they eventually let you down. After a few visits to your home or business it appears the work begins to slack. Corners are left untouched, it seems the extra care once taken falls by the wayside and you’re left to pick up the pieces. Who wants to deal with that? Not you, that’s for sure.

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Maid Service NY

When it comes to finding a maid service, NY is the place to be. Many regions have maid services available for hire, both small and large, but New York has a plethora of service options.

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Maid New York

Finding a maid in New York City is easy. Finding a dependable, reasonable and reliable maid in New York City is a little tougher. 1st Class Cleaning is your one stop in finding everything you are looking for when you need maid service in the New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens area. We also service Wall Street, Astoria and downtown. 1st Class Cleaning does it all and no job is too big or too small. Whether you need a maid to come in once a week or once a month, our maid services can be customized to suit all your needs.

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NY Maid

My friend recently moved to the New York City Manhattan area. After several months of getting her bearings, settling into her new job and learning the subway system, she finally decided she needed to hire a maid or find a maid service in the Manhattan area. She went online and couldn’t believe all of her choices. It was overwhelming! How was she to determine which service was best when all claimed to be the best.

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Maid Services in NYC and Long Island

It was once understood that maid services were reserved for the wealthy and those living in ostentatiously large houses, but in today’s world, just about any homeowner can utilize a maid service. A busy professional will often find it near impossible to maintain a clean home, and even a stay at home parent may find themselves overwhelmed with the more difficult and deeper cleaning tasks when dealing with household and family errands and routines. Maid services in New York City and even in nearby places like Long Island are now being used frequently to fill in that cleaning hole.

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Maid Services in New York

If you stop to think about just how much time and effort goes into cleaning your home or apartment, you may very well be stupefied. From taking out the garbage to dusting, properly cleaning a home takes hours of our valuable time each week. Whether you are a busy professional who finds themselves away from home much of the week or even a stay at home mom overwhelmed by some of the bigger cleaning tasks you face, maid services in New York maybe the answer you are looking for.

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