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Maid Services Howard Beach NY, 11414

Hiring a maid for general housecleaning and laundry may seem like an expensive idea but in fact the service is very affordable. Howard Beach residents can rely on 1st Class Cleaning for a dependable, expert maid. Our staff of highly qualified workers will keep the home spotless and perform above and beyond expectations. Whether the customer needs room cleaning, kitchen upkeep or total laundry service our maids are ready to complete the job.

Expect First Rate Service From Day One

Our maids are dispatched directly to Howard Beach residences at the exact time the customer wishes. Our field personnel are equipped with all of the cleaning products, wipes, brushes, towels and other tools required for complete home service. A custom schedule can be set up where certain duties are performed only on a particular visit. If the customer desires an ongoing contract the same maid can be scheduled for repeat service. This means familiarity with the routine and a personal touch because the maid has a commitment to reliable work each and every visit.

Bathrooms, Kitchens And Carpet

Our maid service handles all of the vacuuming, dusting, polishing and window washing duties. The bathroom will receive special attention. Faucets and other fixtures will be polished and the sinks will be thoroughly scrubbed. Toilets are always 100 percent sanitized and all mildew growth, mold or lime deposit is quickly dealt with.

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Organic Cleaning Services in New York City

There are basically two types of cleaning services in New York City. There are those who apply organic or “green” technologies, and those who continue to use toxic cleaning products, which often cause skin irritations and other serious illnesses.

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Green House Cleaning NYC

Why succumb to toxic, carcinogenic cleaning chemicals if there is another option? These toxic chemicals should especially be avoided in the home where you and your loved ones rest and dwell. If you are to be safe anywhere in the world your home should be the primary place. Many harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and ammonia found in harsh cleaners may go undetected when ingested but slowly, eventually take a toll on your health.  Allergies, cancer, lung disease and respiratory problems are just a few health issues that may occur as a result of constantly taking in these hazardous cleaners. You may be unaware of this but there are also metals such as chromium and selenium that are present in non-green cleaning products that can cause major neuro-developmental damage in children. Cleanliness certainly isn’t worth your health and your life and it shouldn’t have to be. There is a healthy alternative to harmful cleaning and this alternative is just as effective.

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Post Construction Cleaning NYC

We all love to have new and improved renovations done to our home and work spaces. There is something about fresh construction that revitalizing our whole operation. We feel new again. It gives us the sense of starting fresh and repositioning. We need that every now and then as things tend to get mundane and unmotivating otherwise. Suffice it to say that construction is good, great even. What’s not so great, however, is the thorough cleaning that must be done after construction is complete. The meticulous cleaning after construction seems to be the last (and often times the most vital) step before enjoying the freshness of your newly constructed space.

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Residential Green Cleaners

Residential green cleaners are becoming more and more popular every day as news is released about just how harmful regular household cleaning products can be.  Hiring a residential cleaner who uses green products helps ensure the health and safety of your family, and what’s more important than that?

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