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A New York Cleaning Company That Uses Green Products

ecoWhen you have to clean your place, a lot more has to be taken into account than simply the act of cleaning it.  Half the battle is over what you’re using to do so.  Even if you remove every last molecule of dirt and grime from your house, using an unsafe cleaner may make the situation even worse.  Fumes and chemicals from cleaners you use may make the house at best undesirable to be in and, at worst, unsafe.To this end, we at 1st Class Cleaning are proud to declare that we exclusively use green products whenever we do any service, for our environment and for our valued customers.

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Why Is It Important To Use Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning productsWhy Is It Important To Use Green Cleaning Products are readily available at the grocery store. You can even clip coupons for both Method and Seventh Generation items to make them more affordable. Traditional cleaning companies like Clorox are also coming out with eco-friendly lines. You may have wondered if it’s worth the extra effort to go green with cleaning. The answer is a resounding yes.

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Take Care of Your Health by Opting for Green Products

One of the biggest concerns when cleaning and sanitizing the home is the effect on humans and their pets. Many of the commercial cleaners available at the supermarket are filled with harmful chemicals, intended to make the job of loosening dirt and disinfecting the surface easier. However, medical studies have concluded that the toxins contained in most of the popular soaps, surfactants, and degreasers are detrimental to human health.

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Green House Cleaning Manhattan

Is saving our earth and preserving the beauty of the planet important for you and your family? Millions of people have taken up the call to live their lifestyle in a more environmentally friendly way. We recycle, we eat healthier and we try to use sustainable products. All these things help reduce our carbon foot print and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow, but there may be one facet of green living that you haven’t yet thought about.

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Post Construction Cleaning Manhattan

Any type of new construction or extensive remodeling in Manhattan involves the removal of a large amount of waste materials. Since the cost of this operation must be included in the overall budget, using the services of a post-construction cleaning company that offers fair price estimates and is committed to getting the job done in a timely fashion is critical. The environmental concerns of construction waste must be addressed as well — removing unwanted material completely eliminates possible citations by the local authorities.

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Residential Green Cleaners

Residential green cleaners are becoming more and more popular every day as news is released about just how harmful regular household cleaning products can be.  Hiring a residential cleaner who uses green products helps ensure the health and safety of your family, and what’s more important than that?

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New York City Housekeeping

New York City Housekeeping services are a dime a dozen.  It’s finding a good one that can be difficult.  How do you know how to tell the good from the bad when they all say they’re “the best in the business?”

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Carpet Cleaning Manhattan

Finding a good carpet cleaning service can be a difficult task.  It’s important to find someone who can get the job done beautifully the first time.  With so many businesses in the Manhattan area promising they are the best at getting pet stains out, or the only ones who use top of the line green products, what is the best way to narrow them down?

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Office Cleaning Services New York

Have you started searching for an office cleaning service in New York?  You may find yourself somewhat overwhelmed with all the options the New York market can provide.  Things like how big your business is, what your needs are, and what’s important to you are things to focus on to help you find an appropriate office cleaning service in your area.

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How Often Should a Business Office Clean

If you are like most people, an office will begin to gather dust and dirt before it would dawn on you that it’s time to clean it. In an ideal world, however, your workplace would never even approach that point. When dust balls, debris, and fingerprints are not even yet visible to the casual observer, it can still have a subtle but negative impact. The mood, tone, and energy in the workplace can suffer, possibly slowing down overall efficiency and production.

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Go Green!

Many of us suffer from allergies and cannot use cleaning products that contain too many chemicals. For example Clorox, Lysol, Windex, or Ajax these are all cleaning products that many are allergic to and that are dangerous to have around children and the strong smell that they have can be damaging if children were to inhale it. The good news is that there are new cleaning products that are organic and their smell is pleasant and healthy at same time. These new organic cleaning products are known as Method products.

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