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Wall Washing Services NYC

Many homeowners don’t include washing the walls in their homes as part of their normal cleaning routine. Unless you need to remove smudges or marks, your walls may be cleaned less frequently than even ceilings or light fixtures. However, walls collect dust, grime and odors just as carpets, draperies and furniture do. Washing the walls lightens a room, gives it a fresh scent and removes harmful bacteria.

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Move In and Move Out Services in Brooklyn

No one wants to move into a dirty space. This is why is important to invest in the best professional cleaning services when moving in or out of a home or apartment. Trusting in the experts at 1st Class Cleaning gives you the services of a team that understands how to clean every square inch of a space. This means getting back your deposit, get your home in working order, and saving a lot of time and energy. You have other things to worry about when moving into or out of a home, so why add extra stress to your process when you can have someone else do it for you.

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Office Cleaning In Nyc

Your office or commercial business location deserves the best cleaning service available, because it is used by a number of employees that want to feel they are working in a sanitary environment. Whether you need professional cleaning one per week, every day, during the day or after hours, 1st Class Cleaning in NYC is just a phone call away.

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Industrial Cleaning Queens

There’s nothing like walking into a fresh, clean home at the end of a long day at work. Unfortunately, finding the time to keep that home clean can be an incredible challenge. Whether you are part of a 2-income household or are trying to raise a family with young children, life keeps you incredibly busy even without cleaning the house. Let us take care of the cleaning chores for you so you can spend your time on more important things.

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Green House Cleaning NYC

Why succumb to toxic, carcinogenic cleaning chemicals if there is another option? These toxic chemicals should especially be avoided in the home where you and your loved ones rest and dwell. If you are to be safe anywhere in the world your home should be the primary place. Many harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and ammonia found in harsh cleaners may go undetected when ingested but slowly, eventually take a toll on your health.  Allergies, cancer, lung disease and respiratory problems are just a few health issues that may occur as a result of constantly taking in these hazardous cleaners. You may be unaware of this but there are also metals such as chromium and selenium that are present in non-green cleaning products that can cause major neuro-developmental damage in children. Cleanliness certainly isn’t worth your health and your life and it shouldn’t have to be. There is a healthy alternative to harmful cleaning and this alternative is just as effective.

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Residential Cleaning Services New York

Before you hire a maid service for your home in New York, there are a few things to consider.  While New York can offer huge amount of selection when it comes to residential cleaning service providers, make sure the one you hire specifically meets your needs.

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Green Spring Cleaning in NYC

Whether you get there yourself or you hire professionals to do it for you, spring is a great time to go green in NYC. Green cleaning is one of the many things you can do for yourself and your immediate environment to be healthier and make a small impact on the world around you.

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How Do You Clean?

Cleaning is a task that we are all faced with – almost on a daily basis. From dirty dishes and laundry to dust bunnies and mildew, cleaning a home or an apartment can quickly become overwhelming.  Having a plan and the proper tools can make clean up a snap.

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Go Green!

Many of us suffer from allergies and cannot use cleaning products that contain too many chemicals. For example Clorox, Lysol, Windex, or Ajax these are all cleaning products that many are allergic to and that are dangerous to have around children and the strong smell that they have can be damaging if children were to inhale it. The good news is that there are new cleaning products that are organic and their smell is pleasant and healthy at same time. These new organic cleaning products are known as Method products.

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