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Emergency Cleaning Services in NYC

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Services for NYC ResidentsKeeping your home looking great can be a challenge, particularly when you have kids and an active calendar. You probably don’t have all day to scrub the toilets and clean the kitchen counters, but you still try to make time on the weekends to give the house a good cleaning. However, there are emergency situations when you need the house cleaned right away but just don’t have the time or energy. What can you do during this crazy moments when your house needs more attention than you can give it?

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Services for NYC Residents
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Carpet Cleaning NYC

Carpet is a very popular flooring material for homes and offices because it gives spaces a unique textural and visual element.  Carpet can brighten a room and add a soft touch.  Unlike other flooring materials like tile, vinyl, and wood, carpet needs to be cleaned a little differently.  Other flooring materials can be less receptive to dirt and dust because of their hard, non-porous exterior.  Carpet is the opposite.  Carpet can be the perfect hideaway for dirt and dust.  Due to the composition of carpet, dirt often settles on the carpet fibers at the top and at the base.  Because of this, you may not really recognize that your carpet is dirty.  The top of your carpet could appear to be clean, while the bottom is a haven for dirt.

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