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Why You Should Clean Your Bathroom Often

The most visited room in the home, your bathroom will quickly become a mess if you aren’t cleaning it regularly. When you neglect the bathroom, soap scum has time to build up, mildew starts to take hold and the entire room can start looking a little frightening. With regular care, however, your bathroom will always be shining, sparkling and company ready.

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Purifying Your Bathroom

How to get mold out of your ceramic tiles
Before we begin, you should know that you will not need any cistern blocks or artificial perfumes. With a proper hard surface detergent like “Tub and Tile spray” from Method Products, you can wash down the whole of the toilet. When you are doing this it is important that you also wash down behind the toilet seat, and then rinse it off. Then to dry it off you should wipe with a half damp cloth and leave it to dry. Put a splash of detergent into the toilet bowl and scrub with the toilet brush. When you are done scrubbing make sure you flush your toilet so that you rinse off the detergent.

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