Stop Putting off Cleaning and Organizing the Refrigerator

refrigerator-37099_1280Cleaning and organizing your refrigerator probably doesn’t land on the top of your list of fun activities to partake in for the day, but you have to get to it at one point. Lost about where to start?

It’s all about organizing and simplifying your cleaning routine to create a sparkly domicile for your food and beverages. The following will help you turn this procrastinated chore into a less wearisome task—and give your kitchen a more sophisticated edge!

Clean Everything out

Many avoid cleaning the fridge often just to escape dealing with the hassle. However, if you don’t clean your fridge regularly, it can be a hazard to your health. So when you find yourself low on food, clean your refrigerator before going grocery shopping. It’ll help you throw out what you don’t need and know what you should buy.

Make sure to throw out any spoiled food. You should not only look at expiration dates and rely on common sense, but you should also check how long your food has been exposed to dangerously high temperatures—generally 40°F and up.

Get Organized

Once you’re done with removing items you can’t use anymore, you can avoid making more than one trip to the grocery store or supermarket. To keep your refrigerator sanitized, clean it thoroughly once a week.

  1. Start with the Shelves

Similar to the etiquette of using your lunch or dinner utensils, when cleaning your fridge, you should start with your shelves and work your way in. Remove all the items and cleanse each surface using a washcloth soaked in soap and hot water. Then, thoroughly dry each with a dry cloth.

Once you’re done sanitizing, you can start layering your items back into the fridge. When starting with your upper shelf, be sure to stack items you usually grab when on the go. Such products include yogurt, leftovers, and drinks like ready-to-take coffee.

When you move down to the clean middle shelves, you can stack cheeses as well as sliced deli meats. Then, place everything from raw meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and milk on the lower shelf.

  1. On to the Drawers

Once you’re done with your shelves, you can start cleaning out the drawers using the same materials mentioned above. Drawers are made to hold produce at specific humidity/temperature levels.

Store your fruits and vegetables in separate drawers. If you need to store your meats on the shelf above the drawers (since you’re using up your drawers for fruits and veggies), be sure to store your meats in a separate bin. This will help avoid contaminating the items stored in the drawers below.

  1. Arrange the Doors

Last, but not least, time to clean up the fridge door. Characterized as the warmest area of a refrigerator, your fridge’s door should only contain condiments and other items like salad dressing, fruit juices, and oil. You should line up items that can withstand a warmer temperature, so make sure not to place products like milk or eggs in the doors.

Once you’re done with cleaning the inside of your fridge, don’t forget to give a rinse to the outside. After all, you’re using the door handles several times a day, so they’re the most prone to catching bacteria.

Keep Your Food and Surroundings Sanitary

If you want to do away with having to wash up your refrigerator along with cleaning the rest of the kitchen yourself, just contact 1st Class Cleaning and we’ll take care of the mess for you. Our cleaning experts are well equipped with the tools and knowledge to properly maintain a clean and happy home. Don’t delay and make the call today!

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