Steam Cleaning New York City

Steam cleaning might be something you only think about occasionally, like right before the holidays when you’re going to have a house full of people.  Professionals like 1st Class Cleaning in New York City know that a) your carpets are worse than you think and b) steam cleaning is not just for carpets.

Just because your carpets may look clean, they’re probably not.  For one thing, there’s an oil buildup that gathers in the carpet fibers from cooking, foot traffic and even air pollutants.  Steam cleaning by professionals every year to 18 months assures a healthier environment that goes beyond looks.  If you have a lot of family members and busy traffic on your carpet and furniture throughout the year, you might need more frequent cleaning.  Heavy traffic areas especially see the dirt and oil build up, like just inside doors where dirty feet hit first, and a path from the kitchen to the dining room.  Every family’s needs are unique.

Professionals can assess your particular needs and listen to any concerns you may have regarding allergies or special needs, and check out and fix any problem areas.  A professional knows how much detergent to use in ratio with how much water.  They know how long to steam in a particular area, and how long to leave an area damp before mold or mildew can build up.

In addition to carpets, professional steam cleaning can handle your furniture, drapes, tile floors and concrete.  A professional can figure out how to get just about anything steam cleaned to perfection, without you having to guess at it, and worry about ruining costly furniture or window treatments.

What you won’t expect is the fact that steam is not involved in steam cleaning.  It’s just shorthand for a system that uses deep cleaning with a professional-grade vacuum water extraction system, then undergoes another pass over a dampened shampooed carpet (or furniture or drapes) .  All this extracted water and debris will go outside your home into a truck’s holding tank.  The only thing that your cleaner will bring into your home is a hose and attachment, used to suck up the dirt, debris, oil and waste and transport it outside.

Do diligent research and get referrals before deciding who to let into your home for an estimate.  Know beforehand that most steam cleaning professionals will give you a square-foot estimate, and that you should be leery of anyone offering a flat rate for any number of rooms.  Get references from friends or trusted neighbors so you know who you’re letting into your home; better yet, have someone with you when you get the estimate.  Ask the estimator any questions you may have such as how clean you can expect the carpets, etc. to get, and tell them if you have any allergy or asthma sufferers in the home.  Find out what chemicals, if any, they’ll be using in the home, and if there’s an kind of warranty on the work.

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