Removing Carpet Stains

One of the reasons why most people prefer hard wood floors than carpets is because of the stains. Even though you may not have kids, accidents happen to everyone and once you spill something on your carpet, you stain it and it seems almost impossible to get it out. You try all kinds of tricks your friends tell you, but nothing seems to work and then you regret having a carpet floor at your home. The truth of the matter is that even though carpet floors get stains there a couple of ways of getting them out with patience and a few tips.

For some people who have had stains on their carpet for more than a year, it might be too late and you will need to call a carpet cleaning professional. If you ran to your computer after staining your carpet and haven’t tried your own carpet stain removal than you’re in luck and will most likely get the stain out. When you stain your carpet you must do whatever you can to remove the stain instantly. If you wait too long to take the stain out, when you try removing the stain it will not come out.
What can I do about those stains?
When you get a stain on your carpet the first thing you will need to do is get the staining substance out. To remove the staining substance you will need a wet towel with hot water to rub the staining substance out. With the hot wet towel, try removing the stain substance as much as possible. Then put isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a clean towel or rag, and gently blot with your towel the stained area. If you see that this process is not working stop immediately. If the alcohol is rubbed in too deeply you will damage the latex backing on your carpet. If the isopropyl did not work don’t worry as there is another way to try and remove it. You can mix a teaspoon of non-lanolin or non-bleach dishwashing detergent with a quart of water. Repeat the procedure; blot the mixed substance with a towel onto the stained area. After you are done use a spray bottle to rinse the stain and blot the stain with a clean dry towel until the stain area is completely dry. Repeat this process a second time; only this time allow the carpet to dry under a weighted towel. In case this does not work your last attempt will be to moisten the stain area with a 4% mix of hydrogen peroxide and leave it alone for one hour so it will dry. If none of these stain removing methods work you will most likely need to contact a carpet professional.

What if I made my stain worse?
There are times where we try removing a carpet stain and instead of removing it we make it worse and sometimes to the extent where we make it permanent. When a stain becomes permanent you are obligated to call a professional. A few activities that cause a stain to become permanent are:

  • Not trying to get the stain out immediately
  • Failing at removing the staining substance
  • Excess of cleaning solution on stained area
  • Scrubbing the stain
  • Applying heat on stained area

Reminder: It is important that when you get a carpet stain you always remember that you should use a dry cloth and, if you are going to use a cleaning solution, apply it on the dry cloth, not the stain.

Next Time it happens:
Be prepared before another stain happens and read the carpet manufacturer’s manual on the carpet stain removal. Each carpet is handled differently when it comes to removing stains. It is also a good I idea if you always keep a pre-mixed dishwashing solution because the longer you let the stain sit the harder it will be for you to remove it. Always keep this solution around and you will be well prepared for any stain.

People who have carpet floors in their homes are always worrying about carpet stains and even though at times they may be hard to remove you have a higher chance of removing it if you act on it instantly. Reglementierungswut im legalen Glücksspiel: Suchtprophylaxe oder Volkserziehung? The longer you wait the harder it will be that is you need always have in mind and you’ll be successful at removing your carpet stains. All you need is a few techniques and they will be gone in a blink of an eye. However, if there is a stain that no matter how hard you try it doesn’t want to leave, you could always call a carpet professional that you can trust to get the stain out.

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