Emergency Cleanup: How to Remove Ink, Wine, and Oil Stains

emergency cleanup - how to remove ink wine and oil stainsKeeping your house clean is an ongoing process. Knowing how to eliminate common stains will help you keep your living space fresh and inviting. Some stains are harder to remove than others, and you may believe that ink, wine and oil are simply impossible. However, there are steps you can take to get these stains out of your house and your life.

Rubbing Alcohol

When it comes to ink stains, rubbing alcohol will be your best friend. The key is to remember to blot at the stain rather than rubbing. Moving the rag around as you work will only spread the ink. Always use a clean, white cloth to avoid transferring other inks. Start by soaking one section of the rag. Set the damp area on the ink stain and press down. The ink will transfer to the white cloth. Continue pressing clean, damp sections of the cloth on the ink until the stain is gone. Launder the item afterwards to remove the rubbing alcohol and any residue. If the ink stain is on carpet or upholstery, steam clean the area afterwards.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Dawn

Red wine is easiest to clean when it’s wet. Blot at the stain with a clean, white cloth to pull up excess liquid. If the wine has already dried, the removal process will be a little more difficult, but it’s still not impossible.

Make up a solution of hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of Dawn dish detergent. Spray it onto the stain and allow it to soak for about an hour. Avoid letting this solution sit and dry completely because it can damage the fabric if overused. After the stain has soaked, blot up the peroxide and stain. Continue blotting until you’re no longer pulling out wine. Launder the garment or steam clean the upholstery. Check the item again to see if the stain is still present. Repeat the process if necessary. You can also carefully rub the solution into stains to help remove them.

Dry Treatments 

The problem with oil is that it doesn’t mix with water. As you launder an oil stain, the water sheds right off so the stain won’t be treated. If the oil is on a couch or carpet, start with some cornstarch. This highly absorbent powder will help pull up the oil to make treatment easier. Allow the cornstarch to pull up the oil for at least 30 minutes, but an hour of soaking is better.

Rub a little dish soap into the stain afterwards. Use your hands to gently rub the soap into the fabric or upholstery. Wash the garment or steam clean the carpet. Take care not to dry the material before checking to see if the stain is resolved. You can also use hair spray to easily remove oil or grease stains.

The next time you have a chair or favorite shirt with a serious stain, don’t be too fast to give up on it. There are ways to counteract and treat these difficult stains. It may take some patience on your part and repeated treatments, but you may be able to rescue your favorite items. You can also call on 1st Class Cleaning and let us take care of the stain treatment for you. We’ll also handle your other cleaning needs so that you can have a clean and enjoyable home again. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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