Spring Office Cleaning Services

Most office buildings do not require a lot of ongoing cleaning services. Maintaining the bathrooms, the break areas, the kitchen area and the high traffic areas is generally enough to keep an office in good working order from day to day. However, every so often your office is going to require something more – Something much more thorough that will get the office in tip top shape again, and for many office managers and building owners, this answer is spring office cleaning services.

Spring office cleaning services are about more than simple routine office cleaning. These services are aimed to provide you with a top to bottom cleaning of the entire office building, just like you would expect while spring cleaning in your home. Some of the services that you can come to expect are not unlike traditional cleaning services, except that they are more thorough than what is expected on a daily or weekly basis. For example, rather than simply empty waste recepticals and vacuum or sweep and dry mop personal offices, a company performing spring cleaning tasks for you may dust and wipe down all equipment, desk tops, windows, curtains and blinds in each individual office to give them a brand new look.

  • Carpet Cleaning – Carpet cleaning services can generally be provided a monthly basis, a quarterly basis or a yearly basis depending on how much traffic the floors are receiving and how often they need to be cleaned in order to maintain a good appearance in the building. Do not let your floors get dingy! With enough notice, your cleaning service can even conduct a full deep carpet cleaning with commercial grade equipment.
  • Floor Stripping / Waxing – Services for floor stripping and waxing can be used on a monthly, a quarterly or a yearly basis depending on how much traffic your floors are receiving. A customized spring cleaning schedule can be created to make sure that your hard floors get the treatment that they deserve.
  • Luchroom Appliances – Although keeping the lunch room clean should be a priority all the time, your kitchen or break room area could use a little extra attention, and most service providers can provide this to you. Your appliances in the kitchen area should be cleaned from top to bottom, removing bacteria, germs and odors in the process.
  • Windows – Most cleaning companies do not spend a lot of time doing windows from day to day, but during spring office cleaning, you are definitely going to want to make sure that your windows are taken care of. Dirty windows reflect your business badly to people that travel past your office building on a daily basis, as well as those within it, so make sure that your cleaning services provider is going to pay particular attention to your windows during spring cleaning.

This is just the basic list when it comes to spring cleaning for your office. Make sure that a thorough job is done in cleaning your office if you are only opting for a once-a-year serious cleaning.

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