Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is more than just tidying up the surface of your home, apartment or office.  Spring cleaning involves giving your space a deep clean to rid yourself of all the dust, dirt, and clutter that has been accumulating for the past several months.  Spring cleaning is essential for all of the rooms in your home, especially in rooms that are used and visited very often.  For a thorough spring cleaning, you can try the following tips:

1. Remove Clutter

Sometimes it is hard to really get down to giving your place a deep clean when there is a lot of clutter around.  People accumulate clutter without even recognizing it.  When you look around the surface of your home, there are probably several items that you never use and have no true value to you.  These items have to go.  Old mail, magazines and knick knacks will make your place look like a mess.

2. Clean the Refrigerator

Your refrigerator says a lot about you.  If your refrigerator is filled with expired foods and beverages, this will cause your refrigerator and home to have an odor.  Even once you remove old food items, a foul smell can still persist.  This is because there may have been spills and drips that are still present.  To thoroughly clean out your refrigerator and get that aroma out, you should remove everything, discard expired items and sanitize the surfaces with green cleaning products.  After sanitation, you can replace any items that are still fresh.

3. Clean Out Your Cabinets, Drawers and Closets

Cabinets are often left in a messy state because they can be closed.  This allows you to hide away all the products, tableware and medications that you don’t want other people to see.  Kitchen, garage, medicine and bathroom cabinets need to be organized frequently.  Items that are no longer in use should be placed in the trash.

4. Deep Clean Rugs, Carpets and Tile

Floors are the first thing that you notice when you enter a space.  Whether you have carpet or tile, your floors need to be deep cleaned periodically.  Steam cleaning rugs and carpets are a great way to break up dirt and stains that have settled over time.  The grout in between tile also needs to be cleaned.  Hardwood floors should be swept and polished.

5. Get Rid of Dust and Sanitize Surfaces

Dusting may not be the most fun part of cleaning but it definitely is necessary.  There are particles in the air naturally.  These particles come from dead skin cells and other matter in the environment.  Dust usually becomes visible when it settles on a surface.  Dust mites, and pet dander are responsible for the allergies that you have, so keeping surfaces free of dust is good for cleaning and great for your health.

6. Change Your Lines and Towels

If you want to give your bedroom or bathroom a fresh look, changing the bed linens and towels are a sure way to do so.  Your body touches bed linens and towels more frequently than anything else.  When you sleep, sweat and skin cells end up on your sheets. After a shower when you use a towel to dry off, the moisture and oils from your body remain on the towel.  Washing or changing these habitually is ideal.

7. Wash Windows

Any space looks great with a lot of natural light.  To let natural light into your space, you need to have clean windows.  Windows are exposed to the outdoor elements; therefore they can get dirty rather quickly.  Use green cleaning products on your windows to get a streak free shine that doesn’t hurt the environment.

8. Do Your Laundry

A pile of dirty laundry will not only cause your home to look dirty, but it will also make your home smell bad.  A dirty smelling home isn’t appealing.  Make sure to do your laundry on a regular basis to keep your home smelling fresh.

Performing an intensive, deep clean in your space can be extremely time-consuming and exhausting.  Getting a professional cleaning service to assist you in this matter is ideal.  For more information on how to get your home looking and smelling clean, visit www.1stclasscleaning.com

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