Spring Cleaning Staten Island

Spring Cleaning Staten IslandIt is never too soon to consider spring-cleaning for New York City residents, and we have the perfect solution at 1st Class Cleaning. Known throughout the metropolitan area as the most reliable maid service with excellent standards of home cleaning, we also are proud to use green products that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Thus, your home smells clean, but there is additional comfort in knowing that its shiny good looks and great light scent are the result of natural products. Further, as we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, our focus is on client-based needs, of which spring-cleaning is certainly an important one.

Every home needs a thorough and fresh deep cleaning at least once a year. Especially after messy winter weather that ushers in dirt and mud, more family time spent indoors too, spring is the perfect occasion to have more than the usual services, no matter how efficient routine cleaning may be on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. For clearly, there are out of the way areas that do not require cleaning and organizing all that often but do need attention after weeks and months, just the same. A prime example is window and door glass, its sparkle and shine not a great concern during winter’s storms but an area that takes on a whole new attitude come spring.

As an additional service, we can easily provide window washing any time of year, but when delivered along with spring-cleaning, it is sure to have a tremendous impact on welcoming the warmer season. After all, when trees are budding and flowers are blooming, being able to appreciate looking at them becomes suddenly important again.

Spring is a prime time to reorganize, too. Once again, owing to winter’s encouragement of mostly indoor activity, there is bound to be some disarray, no matter how hard a family tries to keep things neat. We can readily assist with much needed reorganization, whether of closets or pantries and kitchen cabinets, even refrigerators. Naturally besides organization, deep cleaning often goes with it, especially with regard to the kitchen. We are not above wall and oven cleaning either, as these are often areas of special need after the heavier usage of appliances and preparation areas for winter meal preparations and holiday entertaining.

The bathroom is another place that can use some special attention as spring arrives. Medicine and vanity cabinets come in for their fair share of usage during the long months of fall and winter; with busy schedules and often uncooperative weather taking a bite out of commute and travel time, there is usually not much opportunity to keep them as tidy as desired. Similarly, tile and grout, as well as walls, can always use a lift. We offer grout steam cleaning that will make tile look great again.

While aiming to do the best cleaning job possible, whether on our scheduled weekly or bi-weekly appointments or even on short notice, there is no doubt our spring cleaning services will have clients smiling for two reasons: a residence that is delightfully fresh with welcome, but also one that is ready to greet the most anticipated season of all, spring! Visit 1st Class Cleaning  now and contact us to schedule an appointment that will surely leave you, and your home, smiling.

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