Spring Cleaning Elmhurst NY, 11373

spring cleaning elmhurstAfter a long, cold winter during which the windows are shut and dirt accumulates indoors many are ready to give their Elmhurst home a proper spring-cleaning. The problem is that most folks simply do not have the time to tackle this project. The affordable solution is to call in the services of 1st Class Cleaning. We have teams standing by who will give the home a complete washing and scrubbing as well as removal of all garbage and recyclable materials. This service does not require an ongoing contract and the efficient methods employed by our field personnel will have the home clean and fresh in no time.

A Cleaning Specialist For Every Chore
Spring cleaning usually involves the washing of windows and cleaning of sills, scrubbing floors and deep cleaning the carpet. The interior walls may have become discolored due to fireplace smoke and the heating and air conditioning ducts could use a thorough cleaning as well. Patios and decks may have become littered with debris and the curtains, window blinds and drapes may be full of particulates.

Our staff arrives ready to tackle all of these projects. Using environmentally friendly cleansers, soaps and disinfectants the kitchen hoods and fan covers will be made spotless. Furniture will be vacuumed with high powered equipment but leave the fabric in like-new condition. The team can either spot clean the carpet or perform a steam cleaning or dry chemical dirt removal procedure. Closets will be scrubbed and aerated, any mold and mildew will be cleaned from the bathroom, the light fixtures will be wiped free of buildup and all garbage will be removed from the home.

No Messy Residues Or Harmful Chemicals
At 1st Class Cleaning we believe in using organically derived cleansers and sanitizing solutions. We do not use any type of chemical that is harmful to humans or pets. This means not having to worry about complications arising from respiratory problems or allergies. Everything that goes down the sinks during our spring-cleaning home makeover is safe for the environment.

Special In-Home Services
In addition to the general house cleaning our personnel can be hired to perform other duties. The interior of the oven, refrigerator and other appliances can be made spotless, all wood can be polished using natural ingredients and the surfaces of work desks, telephones and home entertainment equipment can be disinfected with care. This insures a totally clean, sanitized residence.

Affordable Rates For Elmhurst Customers
These services are affordable because of the efficient work performed by our trained field personnel. We employ only those who are experienced and are willing to be licensed and bonded. Our company training programs focus on completing a job on time every time, with no corners cut and nothing left unattended. Our customers are fascinated with the speed with which our cleaning team members operate.

Our company provides all the cleaning supplies needed for the job, no matter how big or small. The customer need provide nothing except a few hours time for the experts at 1st Class Cleaning to perform their magic.

Are you dreading that day when spring is in the air and your home needs a complete cleaning? Let the professionals handle it. Contact us at our website and schedule your Elmhurst residence for a full-service spring makeover.



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