Post Construction Cleaning Ridgewood

post construction cleaning RidgewoodHaving a room or rooms in your home remodeled is an exciting time. Once all the construction is finished you have something you designed yourself that you get to see everyday when you wake up and walk around your home. The only problem with this type of inside construction is that the room is usually a mess. Though the contractors will likely clean up before leaving, they rarely clean well or thoroughly. That is why you need post construction cleaning.

Post construction cleaning is quite different from normal cleaning. Special machines are often required to really pick up the various types of dust that are hanging around in the room. Getting in between every nook and cranny is also something that gets overlooked, but a special post construction cleaning service can do all of these things.

It is important not to settle for a regular cleaning after a room has been renovated. The debris in the room, some of which is microscopic, can cause health issues. For example, if someone in your household has asthma or other respiratory conditions, any sawdust or other particles left behind by construction can cause an episode. This might be a mild episode or a full-on attack that could lead to a hospital visit.

With cleaning service, 1st Class Cleaning, in New York City, fears such as this are put to rest. 1st Class Cleaning specializes in post construction cleaning that removes all the dust and debris from renovation projects.

When you hire 1st Class Cleaning, we will do a variety of services that deep-clean your room to bring it back to the cleanliness that it had pre-construction. This includes cleaning up micro-dust that can linger long after construction is over.

Dry steaming equipment is special commercial cleaning equipment that can clean just about any surface and make it free of micro-dust. If your contractor took great pains to keep everything covered and cleaned during construction, this equipment may not be necessary, but it is available is needed.

In addition, the crew will remove all labels from new appliances, clean all light fixtures gently so nothing breaks, remove any paint or plaster that was left behind and clean all thresholds, doors and skirting.

Whether the dry steaming equipment is used or not, all surfaces will be re-dusted and cleaned by hand. If there are any special surfaces like granite or marble, appropriate cleaners will be used to ensure they keep their new luster.

The cleaning crew will even go through and vacuum all heating and cooling ducts. Our years of post-construction cleaning knowledge tells us that micro-dust can be trapped in your air conditioning and heating vents, a place often overlooked by ordinary cleaning services.

If you want the power of experience on your side, contact1st Class Cleaning in NYC. A quick visit to their website will give you information about post construction cleaning, anti-allergy cleaning, green cleaning and more. You can ask questions and schedule an appointment with one of our trusted and experienced professionals who will ensure your home is cleaner than before your construction project took place.


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