Simple Steps for Going Green in Manhattan

SKYLINE 2In the city that never sleeps, it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of enhancing your daily routines to help secure the environment. Seeing as how all highly populated cities tend to use a considerable amount of the world’s energy and natural resources, those of us who inhabit such cities, should take on eco-friendly lifestyles.

Manhattan certainly falls in the category of one of the world’s most fast-paced areas, which puts a high risk on environmental sustainability. In a time where factors like climate change and increased air pollution are negatively affecting our ecosystem, it’s especially crucial to adopt healthier living habits.

Most eco-friendly practices take minimal effort and a short amount of time to do. You can help save the environment by:

  1. Decreasing Your Waste

The less waste you have to get rid of, the more natural resources you’ll be saving.

  • Rather than using more laundry detergent than you should, use the amount the manufacturer label indicates you should use for a certain load.
  • If you take a brown bag with you to work or you pack one for your children’s lunch, replace the bag with a lunchbox that’ll keep your food at a regulated temperature.
  • Place your leftovers in reusable containers, and replace the use of cardboard boxes that you must seal with tape, with plastic crates.
  • Whenever you can, replace the use of paper towels with a microfiber cloth, to clean.
  • Use refillable containers as much as possible. For instance, you can fill spray-bottle containers with contents from larger jugs, instead of constantly throwing away smaller containers.
  1. Recycling Regularly

The United States is actually among the countries that have the highest output of trash in the world.

  • You can recycle paper with paper clips or staples, since machines used in the recycling process will separate the metals.
  • Rinse out glass bottles or jars before recycling them. You don’t have to worry about removing any labels since they’ll be removed at the recycling plant.
  • When you recycle plastic bottles, make sure to dispose of the caps first, since the caps are made of a different form of plastic.

You can easily remember to recycle by placing a recycle bin in close proximity to the location in which you’d utilize it most.

  1. Using the Web

Save paper by opting for getting your mail electronically delivered to you, and even pay your bills online. Many companies now have online automatic billing systems, which will save you time and the hassle of remembering to pay your bills on time. Order electronic tickets for events, rather than getting paper tickets, as well.

  1. Making Your Own Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Switch to all natural cleaning products. You can make use of your own products (including groceries) such as lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil and baking soda to clean. For instance, you can use grate an organic soap bar made of pure vegetables to create a natural laundry detergent.

  1. Reducing Your Energy Consumption

Plant trees around your house and lower your cooling and heating bills. Installing dimmer lighting switches in most of your home’s rooms will also reduce your electricity charges. Lastly, be sure to turn down your thermostat when you’re not home to save on heating/cooling when you’re not home.

Implement Safe Cleaning Routines

1st Class Cleaning uses environmentally safe cleaning methods that will decrease your risk of being exposed to unhealthy pathogens. We purchase our products from Method, which is made of naturally derived surfactants. Contact 1st Class Cleaning today and learn how we can help you embark on going green.

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