Simple Cleaning Tips for This Year’s Holiday Parties

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As the New Year rapidly approaches, many people will reflect upon 2013, and from those reflections, resolutions will spring. Perhaps someone wants to get in better shape; another person wants to smoke less; still a third needs to be less judgmental. One resolution many will make is to live a cleaner and tidier lifestyle, because honestly, who wants to spend their year in a pigsty? As with most resolutions, living a cleaner life can be a challenge; many will attempt this feat, but few will succeed. As a cleaning company, we see the struggle on a daily basis, as customers call in to have us aid in their attempts to organize their home. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a struggle, however; there are many easy ways to alleviate stress in your cleaning.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The problem many people have with cleaning is the pure exhaustion that results from an all out cleaning. The reason this problem occurs is that while most people work hard to clean their home, they don’t work efficiently. Many will have to clean certain areas multiple times, simply because they were using a faulty cleaning method. Cleaning is like warfare: you need to go in with an organized plan of attack. If you use your limited resources without any strategic allocation, you will invariably fail to win the day. At 1st Class Cleaning, we know all the tricks of the trade, and would like to offer you a few tips of our own to make your cleaning life easier.

Manage Your Time

One of the biggest difficulties people have with cleaning is the lack of time management. Believing that cleaning requires hours or even days, the typical citizen will procrastinate and put off cleaning until it is no longer an avoidable option. What most people don’t realize is that cleaning is not one drawn out war, but a series of small battles. For example, the average commercial break is 4-5 minutes long; when watching TV, take that time to get up and perform a very small task, such as putting away some tools or just putting away a few dishes. True, with the advent of Netflix, commercial breaks aren’t as frequent, but with the average American watching over 5 hours of television per day, those commercial breaks can really add up.

Work Top to Bottom

Gravity affects everything, from the largest of spills to the smallest of dust mites. It is thus important to clean the higher objects first. No matter how thoroughly you clean something, there will be unseen residue that will come off, only to settle on another nearby surface. There’s no starting from the bottom in the cleaning world; start at the top, and collect any dirt that has escaped the initial cleanse to the lower levels.

The Cleanest Shall Be First

This piece of advice may seem counter-intuitive, but that could be justification for why it is so important. When cleaning a room, or a series of rooms, start with the cleanest area first. While some may want to start with the dirtiest, using the rationale that it is the most pressing need, there are a couple of reasons for our reversal. First of all, from a psychological standpoint, cleaning the cleaner area first will be easier, and thus provide motivation for the remainder of your cleanse. By the time you reach the dirtiest point, you will see everything else you have cleaned and feel a sense of accomplishment, a sense that can only be completed by finishing the task. Second, from a more practical point of view, people typically use the same sponges, towels, brushes, etc. to clean different areas. Cleaning the dirtiest area first can pick up dirt and grime from the dirtiest area, and transfer it to a cleaner one. The overall average of clean will be much less than if you started with the cleanest area first.


If the task of cleaning your home feels too daunting, or if you just want help remembering these tips, 1st Class Cleaning is available to solve your problem. With a professional team boasting years of cleaning experience, we can ensure your home or office is freshly prepared for you to start the New Year. Log onto to book your cleaning appointment and get ready for a cleaner, happier life!

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