School Cleaning Services

Any gathering place of children needs to be kept sanitary and clean. Areas such as schools, playgrounds, and classrooms are breeding grounds for germs and disease to spread. That’s why it’s important to clean areas such as these regularly, and efficiently.

Children track dirt, sediment, and other gunk on their shoes, such as mud and grease. They paste bubble gum underneath desks and sketch notes and drawings onto the top of them. Their lockers are even worse. Any and all trash wind up in a locker by the end of the school year: half-empty soda bottles, broken pencils, mildewed clothing, bags, ink, crumpled paper, drugs, paper clips, unfinished lunches, and other ingredients for a morass.

Many students are also known to be notoriously inaccurate at aiming for a toilet seat. There’s also grafitti to consider: gang signs or scrawl all over latrine walls. Then there are the messes left after special events: confetti in the grass after a school fair; broken posters after a science fair; drinks and popcorn in the bleachers after a sports game. Plus, the hallways have to be buffed, the display cases for trophies and the windows of the classrooms washed, and the normal traffic of debris vacuumed out. Every season thousands of students get sick all across the country, and it’s no wonder: the schools are petri dishes.

And none of this even touches the mayhem in a cafeteria.

All these ingredients make for one nasty place to spend eight-hours a day learning. That’s why it’s important to use cleaning services familiar with  schools. Schools deserve the time, the patience, the skill, and the tools for heavy duty jobs. A thorough cleaning staff will ensure your school is as safe as it can be for students, staff, and faculty

It’s important to look for some important features in a school cleaning service. Make sure that cleaning occurs after hours, so that your cleaning crew never interferes with learning. Also, ensure that any chemicals used to clean are safe, and non-toxic. This is especially important in elementary schools, where children are more prone to putting items in their mouths. Check to be sure that all cleaning staff are thorough, as any room left in an unsanitary condition could prove a health hazard for students and faculty.

Every room of a school should receive through treatment, indoors and outdoors, with the purpose of each area taken into account. The grease stains in the cafeteria should be removed in a way that does not use toxic chemicals or slippery surfaces. You should also check to see if your school cleaning service has experience with cleaning school areas. Corporate cleaning is very different from residential, or school cleaning, because the tasks, chemicals, and equipment will be different. Ensure that your cleaning service understands the responsibility of creating a safe environment for children.

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