School Cleaning Services New York

Schools can be among the messiest of places. Children are notorious for bringing in dirt, mud, and grime and for spreading germs and the most common of illnesses and diseases. Above all else, schools must also be on par with the highest of sanitary and hygienic standards, ensuring a healthy environment for all. In a New York City public school, where hundreds or thousands of children may attend, it can be hard to keep up with all of the daily and weekly chores needed to maintain a clean atmosphere. This is why finding a quality school cleaning service is important.

Consider the level of filth a school can accumulate. Children’s shoes track in dirt, mud, and grime that can spread to every floor of the school, becoming embedded in carpets as well. They can carelessly leave trash lying anywhere but in the trash cans, which can include anything from balled up papers to uneaten food. Their desks and locker accumulate trash daily, gathering forgotten spoiled food, chewed-up gum, and old candy wrappers. The bathrooms are a breeding ground for germs, as especially young children can be incredibly careless about aiming properly for the toilet, washing their hands, or tracking dirty water around on the floor. Mirrors are streaked, toilets often are left un-flushed, and child after child has come in and sneezed or blown their nose.

Consider then the aftermath of big school events. Sports events, games, and dances leave behind tons of trash, partially eaten food, wrappers, and even celebratory items such as confetti and disposable party decorations. At the end of every school year, even the smallest details can be overlooked, such as the cleaning of a trophy case or the wiping of penciled graffiti on a bathroom stall. All of the above reasons and more are why a quality cleaning service should be chosen for sanitizing and cleaning a school.

There are many things to consider when choosing a school cleaning service. First and foremost, you should pick a service that is familiar with cleaning school environments. These professionals will know just the right way to perfect such a job, and will have the patience and skill to do it effectively and efficiently. Second, find a cleaning service that will perform the job after hours, so not to interfere with the school’s schedule. Lastly, ensure that the chemicals used by the service are safe and non-toxic, especially when dealing with a school of young children. There are certain health standards a school must uphold, and this includes assuring the safety of the children.

Be sure your school cleaning service is thorough and knowledgeable about the types of cleaning that need to be done depending on the job and room. For example, those cleaning a cafeteria should be able to properly and safely remove grease stains, food particles, and do so in a hygienic manner safe for food preparation. A professional who cleans the hallways and floors should know which materials and chemicals won’t leave the floors slippery, to avoid injury and unsafe conditions. Remember that a school cleaning service differs from those specializing in home and regular businesses, and it is important to choose one that will do a thorough job all while ensuring the health and safety of the children.

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