Retail Cleaning Services

Are customers complaining how messy your store is?  Are you so busy you don’t have time to clean it yourself?  What about your employees?  Are they all to busy to clean the store?  Or, maybe you’re moving to a new location and need help with the move out clean at your old location and a move in clean at the new location?  Whatever your needs are, hiring a retail cleaning service can often make your life easier, and keep your employees and customers happy.

How they can help you

Whether you need them to come once before your store is inspected, or you want them to come regularly, a retail cleaning service can help get your store spotless and keep it that way.  They can customize their cleaning to suit your store’s specific needs, but some basic services you can expect include:

  • Vacuuming and mopping of all flooring
  • Dusting all fixtures and furniture
  • Cleaning all glass, mirrors and shelving
  • Cleaning and sanitizing restrooms

What to look for

First and foremost, protect your customers and employees by finding someone who uses “green” cleaning products.  A company like 1st Class Cleaning uses only environmentally friendly cleaners, which keeps your employees and customers from being exposed to harsh chemicals.  This is especially important for those who have any respiratory problems.  A company called Method makes 1st Class Cleaning’s cleansers, and they work by absorbing dirt, bacteria and grime, instead of breaking it up with toxins.  This keeps a safe, sanitized, healthy environment in your store.

Next, find someone who’s bonded and insured.  Especially when working in a retail environment and there are so many things to trip and fall, or hurt yourself on.  As a storeowner you don’t want to be held financially responsible if someone is hurt in your store.  1st Class Cleaning is bonded and insured, creating the most stress free work environment for everyone involved.

Also, check the company’s hiring process.  You go through a rigorous hiring process to make sure you don’t hire just any Joe Schmoe off the street to work in your store.  You are always on the lookout to protect your stores assets.  The same should hold true for your cleaning company.  That way you can be assured there are only the most trustworthy people around your merchandise and cash registers.  1st Class Cleaning puts their potential employees through a thorough screening process that includes a background check, so you can rest easy knowing there are responsible people in your store.

Finally choose a company that can be there when you need them.  As a business, you can’t rearrange your schedule to accommodate a cleaning company, it should always be the other way around.  1st Class Cleaning can come before or after store hours to help get your store sparkling without getting in the way of customers.  They understand that the cleaning process should be as low impact and seamless as possible, and they can accommodate just about any schedule as a result.

1st Class Cleaning specializes in retail cleaning services.  To schedule an appointment with them, visit today.

Vacuuming and mopping of all flooring
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